New Wacom Tablet Drivers Available for Products Currently Being Sold

Hey Gang,

Wacom posted new drivers for the PC on 10/07/2013 and for the Mac on 10/15/2013.  I had missed the posts, so thank you to my friend Miguel for telling me about the new releases.

The new releases are only for the newer products, but I do think that the site is a little confusing.  So to make sure I understood what was up, I wrote Wacom Support and received excellent guidance from Travis Hackett, Tier 3 Support Technician.  When you go to the driver download site, you see a rather large array of drivers listed, for instance a Cintiq Hybrid, Cintiq, Intuos Pro, Intuos (previously called Bamboo), etc.  Just match your product with the proper driver.

If you have an Intuos 4 or another older tablet, then you would check the legacy driver site for the correct driver to use.  Those drivers have not changed since the September 3, 2013 release.



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    • Thanks Eden,

      The wild thing is that the Intuos Pro driver will actually work for all tablet models. I just tried it on my Intuos 4, which I have in Mississippi and it works fine. It just adds new functionality that doesn’t work with the tablet, but it doesn’t hurt anything.


  1. Hi Skip,

    In your post above it says: “Intuos (previously called Bamboo)”?
    So what is it they have under the heading on that driver page for Bamboo Tablets (listed directly under the Intuos link)?

    You’re right, this is very confusing.

      • Hi Elaina,

        The following is talking about the drivers for the PC.

        Right…I had seen these names before, but if Bamboos are no longer called Bamboo, and are called Intuos, then why are these models listed on the page with the newer names. You can find the same models on the legacy page, too. And to really confuse the issue, technically the new driver 6.3.7-5 is the exact same driver used for all products…bamboo, Intuos 5, Intuos 3, Intuos 4, Cintiq…it doesn’t matter. That is what I learned from Wacom Support and I tested it out by using the 6.3.7-5 version on my Intuos 4. It works like a charm. It does, however, add some stuff that the 4 can’t do, so you are adding code that is superfluous. When I am back in Georgia, I’ll try it on my Intuos 5.

        Bottom line, if you have an older tablet, use the driver 6.3.6-5 that was released on September 3rd…newer tablet use the 6.3.7-5. Got it? Clear as mud, right…;)

        • Hi Skip,

          Actually you made it more clear for me, but I do have a question; why should I install a newer driver if my tablet is working perfectly? Once upon a time, Wacom provided a list of “fixes” that new drivers covered, but all I see on the Wacom site is the download to the installer. Are there notes available anywhere for these new drivers?

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