Maverick Support for Painter X3 – Important Message for MAC users…VERY IMPORTANT

Hey Gang,

This just in from the Andy Church and the Painter Team:

Apple announced that the new operating system, Mavericks was ready for FREE download on Tuesday October 22nd. Based on historical release practices at Apple, our team was not expecting this until late November.

As of today, October 23rd, Painter X3 does not completely support Mavericks. To maintain your current user experience with Painter, we would recommend you NOT upgrade to Mavericks at this time.

We are looking at the overall user experience of the final version of Mavericks and we are assessing any required code changes we need to make.

Later this week we will communicate when we expect to have full support for Mavericks. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Andy and the Painter Team

You can find the message on Painter Factory.


20 responses to “Maverick Support for Painter X3 – Important Message for MAC users…VERY IMPORTANT

  1. Hi Skip
    Thanks for the heads-up, I was not planning to upgrade as yet, Besides Corel, the other important software for me has to do with Adobe, Creative Suite 6. By the way I believe your in my neck of the woods Atlanta, right? Actually for me it’s Marietta, GA. I just bought the upgrade for Painter X3, it’s wonderful!

  2. Don’t feel responsible Skip.
    “free” was too hard to resist…. I was hoping Painter X3 might stop crashing on closedown if I installed Mavericks, but now I don’t know what to expect, except to be patient and wait for Corel to do their stuff. Other than this sad news, Mavericks is really running well.

  3. upgraded before i checked my email , now i am afraid to open any of my programs , guess i ‘ll use my older computer with older versions until i get the green light . i actually called the my apple # and asked the question of compatibility and was told to go ahead and install without worry . now i don’t know what and when to expect any news .

  4. So far, Painter X3 has been working pretty well under Mavericks, but repeatable crashes can be had by making, actually by saving, a new pattern.
    Also all the adjustment slider bars in things like the underpainting menu work, but look weird. I’ll keep using X3 and see what else I run into.

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