Corel Painter X3 Service Pack 1 Is Now Available

Hi Friends,

I just checked for updates using the Help Menu and found that Service Pack 1 is available.  I downloaded and installed it…easy.

Andy Church reports at the Painter Factory the following:

The Painter X3 Service Pack 1 is now available for download. 

Here are the top 10 reasons you will want to grab it! 

1.       Cloning is smooth & predictable.

2.       Prefer to start, stop and flip back and forth between Painter 12 and X3? Go for it!

3.       Copy, paste and use keyboard commands to your hearts delight.

4.       Layer on the layers and transform with stability.

5.       Shortcut crazy? Use all the characters you want.

6.       Set and forget your workspace.

7.       Scripted brushstrokes are a perfect timesaver.

8.       Straight as an arrow shapes and selections.

9.       Load your brushes, customize parameters and paint away.

10.   Access help any time you need it.

MAC USERS: This service pack delivers OSX 10.9 support for Painter X3.  You can learn more about the service pack details here.”



15 responses to “Corel Painter X3 Service Pack 1 Is Now Available

  1. Hi Skip, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING US ALL KNOW WHERE THE SERVICE PACK 1 WAS. I installed it and it was very easy. Thank you again! See you next week. Ray

  2. thank you Skip for your continuos help to all , did not understand your last response to my last comment to you , but never the less , thank you again . soumaya

    • Hi Soumaya,
      I looked back at my comment and it was sort of obtuse. You seemed excited about the upcoming update and when I am excited about an upcoming event, I usually have high expectations…sometimes unreasonable expectations. So my comment just meant that I hope you enjoy Service Pack 1 and it meets your expectations. Thanks for posting.

  3. Skip, Love your info. & Bristley Dab brushes! Will those brushes work in X3 with the service PAC noted below? Been holding off upgrading painter. Thanks, Mark Vashon Is. WA

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    • Hi Mark,

      Yes…all of my brushes will work in Painter X3. But, if I make brushes in Painter X3, they will not be backward compatible to earlier versions. You are going to love Painter X3.

  4. Hi Skip,
    I took your brush-making class a while back. I am stuck with trying to figure out how to create my own library (such as your Britstly Dabs) so that I end up with the xml and stk and nib files along with the required jpeg. In X3. Nothing I do seems to accomplish this. Do you have any link to how to create unique libraries in X3 so that they can be shared with others?

    I can create categories but that doesn’t have the folder containing the xml files, etc…it is just a .category file. Or is that all we have to work with now in this new version?

    Thanks for any help you can give me…or link.


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