Corel Painter X3 SP1, New Flower Brushes…Loads of Fun

Hello Everyone,

I have made a new brush set called HOS 2013 Florals for Painter X3.  PLEASE NOTE: These brushes are for Painter X3 only; do not try to install in any other version of Painter.  I had planned to introduce the brushes to the blog first, but I was having so much fun with them, I decided to introduce them in the Holiday Open Studio class at the Digital Art Academy, which is why I named them, HOS 2013 Florals.  HOS stands for Holiday Open Studio.

Anyway, I am making them available here, too, plus I have added 10 videos showing how I use some of the brushes to create this painting.

Painting created in Painter X3 using watercolors, specifically my new set called HOS 2013 Florals

Painting created in Painter X3 using watercolors, specifically my new set called HOS 2013 Florals

I hope you enjoy the videos.  I tried to make them around 5 minutes long, but toward the end, I did get a bit verbose.  In the first video, I set up the paper layer and added a beautiful painting by Monet to the mixer pad, which allows me to use the color scheme of Monet’s painting.

I create a simple sketch in the second video.

Next, I create the background.  Here is video 3.

In video 4, I am using two new brushes, Basic Watercolor and Basic Watercolor 2

In video 5 I show the use of a layer mask.

I create another layer mask in video 6.  In both video 5 and 6 I use a new brush called Channel Painter.

In video 7 I use a new brush called Dark Edged Wash.  I brought back several older favorite brushes and added them to this category.  Thick and Thin 17 from Cool Springs is an example.

I use a layer command called Lift Canvas to Watercolor Layer in the eighth video.  This command is a must for working in watercolor in Painter.

Finally, I bet you are tired of waiting, I use Flower Maker and Flower Painter; the two flower brushes included in HOS 2013 Florals.  And, guess what?  You find out that it was the paper making the flowers all along.

The tenth video shows finishing touches.  I hope you enjoyed the series.

There are three downloads for this post; the brushes, the suminagashi papers, and a flow map library.  I didn’t use a flow map in this demonstration, but several of the brushes can use flow maps.  I would use the Paint Jam 2 Flow maps provided in a earlier post.


HOS 2013 Florals category

Suminagashi Papers

The suminagashi papers would not have been possible without David Gell’s wonderful Suminagashi 2 Brushes.  David has a new site devoted to Painter X3 called Jitter Brush – X3 and Beyond.  Thank you David for all that you do for the Painter Community.  I have learned more about brushes from you than anyone else.

OK friends, I think that about covers it for this post.  Enjoy and I hope each and every one of you have a Happy Holiday and a fabulous New Year.

45 responses to “Corel Painter X3 SP1, New Flower Brushes…Loads of Fun

  1. Whew, I just spent two hours watching while watercoloring. Thank you so much for doing these videos. I love the flower brush, but have no idea how to do watercolors. Maybe you’ll teach a watercolor class at DAA next year.

    • Hi Kerry,

      So glad you are having fun with the videos and brushes. I keep thinking I will do another watercolor class next year, but I’m not sure when. I will not be right after the first; too many things on my plate right now.

      have a Merry and a Happy…


  2. Thank you Skip for your generosity. I love the brushes you did in the past.
    As soon as I get Painter X3 (this Christmas), I will try these.
    Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Louise, I do have the brushes available for Painter 12 that I used in the class. I didn’t add the new brushes, so I didn’t make the Painter 12 set available. I’ll try to get the rest done and make them available to you…but you are going to love Painter X3.

      Have a Merry and a Happy

  3. Thanks dear Skipper, what a wonderful Christmas present to all of us. Wishing you and yours a great Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and good health for you and yours……..Emms

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  5. As a completely new user of Painter X3, I thoroughly enjoyed your videos, thank you! I have downloaded the Flower Maker brushes and I can’t wait to try them, thank you so much for your generosity! Sandie

  6. What a wonderful gift from such a generous person! 💖 Skip, you are so special to give us your brushes and videos. A rarity in this day and age. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try them. I am looking forward to your watercolor class next year!

  7. Hi Skip, I wanted to thank you so much for everything you do for all of us!!!!!! I’ve learned a great deal, from you with all the videos,brushes, papers and flow maps! The DAA is FANTASTIC!!! Its great we all have somebody like you and Karen to learn sooooooo much about Painter X3. You have a GREAT HOLIDAY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! Ray

  8. Skip, these brushes amaze me. They are just fun and very addicting. Thank you for the videos, they were extremely helpful and you did a fantastic job. I hope you have a peaceful, restful and relaxing Christmas and a blessed New Year!

    Thank you so much for who you are!

    • Hi John,

      I’m sorry you are having trouble. If you will tell me exactly what you are doing to load the brushes into Painter X3, I’ll be able to tell you what might be going wrong. I am certain the brushes will load in X3; we just need to figure out what you are doing differently than others that are having success.
      Please provide as much detail as possible including your type of computer and OS.


  9. Dear Skip, I want to add my thanks for your wonderful watercolor flower brushes and papers! I have had extra days off from work lately and have been happily following along with your videos! Thank you so very much for them all. What a treat they have been for me!! But..I am stuck on a problem in the next to last video. The flower maker brush..every time I touch it to the screen, it adds another layer and therefore it does not “eat” away the color but is not even visible. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but cannot for the life of me figure out how to solve this. When you have a moment, could you please give me a hint what I should do?? Many, many thanks for all your generosity and your excellent brushes, videos, and “goodies!” Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year! Hugs, Betty

    • Hi Betty,
      It sounds like the watercolor layer isn’t a watercolor layer anymore. Take a look at the icon in the upper right corner of the layer in the layers panel. It should be two rectangles, one on top of the other. The top one should be blue. If it isn’t, the layer isn’t a watercolor layer anymore…even if it still calls itself a watercolor layer. If it isn’t a watercolor layer, the minute you touch any watercolor brush to the layer, it will automatically create a new watercolor layer.

      OK…so if that is the case. Drop the layer to the canvas and then lift the canvas to a watercolor layer. Now you can use the flower maker as expected.

      Hope this helps,

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    • Hi Syd, Thanks for the pingback. I took a look at your blog…very nice. I hope others will follow the link here. BTW, Photoshop and Painter work very well together.
      Happy New Year,

  12. Hi Skip
    Well 2014 is starting out OK I made another try at logging in to your wonderful blog and I think it actually worked this time. Love those flower brushes!

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