New Wacom Tablet Drivers are Available

Hey Gang,

There are new drivers available from Wacom.  It appears that I missed the ones posted on 10/15/13 for Macs.  There is a new set posted on 12/10/13 for Window Users.  The drivers are for Cintiq Companion Products, Cintiq Products, Intuos Pro, and Intuos.  There is a driver posted 12/19/13 for Bamboo Tablets.  Like I said, all the ones posted in December are for Windows users, the October posts are for Macs.

I did update to the latest driver because I was having a couple of issues and I am on an Intuos 5.  If you are not having issues, I’m not sure you would need to update your driver if you are on an older tablet.

Don’t forget to back up your preferences before you uninstall and install.



9 responses to “New Wacom Tablet Drivers are Available

  1. Hey Skip, I’ve been having lots of issues with my Wacom since the updates on drivers (wish I’d never installed any of the updates-if it ain’t broke….) Anyway, thought I’d start from scratch and download the latest update for my old Intuos 4 (not the new ones). However, I can’t seem to find it on the Wacom site now. Can you tell me which one I need?

    Seems I’ve have to reinstall everytime I want to use my tablet, but it never works properly. And yes, I’ve uninstalled the old before installing the new one. So frustrating. Thanks, Jane

    • Hi Jane,
      The page you are looking for is called Legacy Drivers. Just select your model and Operating system and you will find the drivers for the Intuos 4 going back to 2009.
      If you are on a Mac, I can’t help, but if you are on a Windows machine, I can tell you how to stop the need to reinstall your tablet. Just tell me what version of Windows you are using and I’ll give you the steps to do.
      Hope this helps,

        • OK…try this:
          Go to Start and in the search window at the bottom, type “Services” without the quotes.
          You may find two Services…when you hoover over one of them, it will say Starts, Stops, and Configures Windows Services. That is the one to click.
          The services window will open…scroll down the name column until you find Wacom professional service or something similar.
          Double click it and the Wacom Professional Service Properties window will open.
          Go to the recovery Tab.
          You will see First Failure, Second Failure and Third Failure with a drop down list next to each.
          On each drop down, select restart the service.
          Click OK…and you are done.
          Hope this helps,

          • Well it worked for a little while. Then I turned the computer off and restarted. Error message said Tablet Driver not found, tablet wouldn’t work. Went through the Services thingy again and it was back to original. Change it again, but it won’t work. The little while that it did work I wasn’t able to use the hand for moving the image around.

            Is there an earlier driver that I might use or am I looking at something more serious? Jane

            • Hi Jane…
              I’m not sure what may be the problem. There are so many variables.

              Yes, you can use an earlier driver. Follow the link I provided in an earlier reply…the one for Legacy drivers. Try using the last one posted for the Intuos 4 for Windows 7. If that doesn’t work you can try an earlier one. I’m at the end of what I can tell you…I really don’t know what might be wrong. Have you kept your Windows updated?

              Wish I could help more,

              • Thanks much Skip, I tried an earlier one and so far it works. Haven’t turned the computer on again yet to see if it will work without having to install again, but the earlier driver seems better. Thanks much for all your help.


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