Special Pricing for Corel Painter 2015!!! $99.00 for registered users of Corel Painter X3

Hey Gang,

Just found out that Corel sent an email to all registered X3 users offering  Corel Painter 2015 for $99.  That is a very good deal.  I wouldn’t download the trial…just go for the full version at $99.00.  Everyone, that is all I know.  If you didn’t get an email and you are a registered user, first check your spam folder.  Then contact sales.  I’m just passing on information I received.



Another quick sketch I did with 2015 using a custom particle brush, which I will make available sometime in the future.

Quick Flowers, Corel Painter 2015, Custom Particle brushes

Quick Flowers, Corel Painter 2015, Custom Particle brushes

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    • Ouch. I do think there are regional differences, so it may be different for Corel Europe. I really don’t know…the information I had was for the Americas.
      Thanks for the clarification,

  1. I purchased the upgrade as soon as I opened your first email and paid the $243 price. I then saw your email notification about the special. I do not yet have an email from Corel. I called but was put in touch with a Cleverbridge representative…who gave me the order email to corel and I just emailed them hoping they could or would credit back the difference. Otherwise I feel a bit cheated that I purchased right away (as Painter is my hands-down favorite painting program) and didn’t wait. I sure hope they can do something about this. Seems they would send out that special discount offer before releasing the new software. Beautiful work Skip…

    Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 21:12:53 +0000 To: mwsheeler@outlook.com

  2. I just upgraded to X3 3 weeks ago. Hope they send out the E-mail to everyone. I’ve been using this since 2006.

    • Len, call them. You may want to wait until tomorrow, but I’m sure they will give you the better pricing…and who knows…since it was just 3 weeks ago, they may be even more generous. I really don’t know…I don’t work for Corel, but I would sure call them.

      • Hi Skip…what is the number to reach Corel that pertains to this aspect of sales. I tried their listed 1-877 number and I ended up talking to Cleverbridge. I will try again tomorrow to contact them about this special. I still have not received an email from them about the special or a reply to my email to them earlier today.

  3. Skip,

    Thanks for the updates re: P15 availability and special pricing for registered users of P13. I am a registered user of P13 but did not receive the email (yet). I was curious to learn if you knew of any student discounts available for registered users/students at Digital Art Academy?

  4. Hi Skip,

    Thanks for all of the great info and help that you have given in the past.

    I bet that this question now will be a popular one:

    I just updated to Painter 2015. I am thinking how to move all my palettes from X3 to 2015. I guess that I could save/import a Workspace. Is there any other way to bring palette info over? I see that I can save a single palette, but I have many.




    • Hey…
      Custom palettes are tough unless you have 2015 configured exactly as you had X3. You should be able to import a workspace, but I’m hearing folks are having trouble doing that…so I need to do some checking. Give me a little time and I’ll do a video about it.

  5. Thank you so much for this information, Skip!!!
    I was able to upgrade for $99, but I did have to call. The customer service rep was so nice and helpful…she sent me an email with a link to the checkout cart page with the special pricing. WOOT!!
    The number I called was on Corel’s website (USA) 1-877-582-6735

    Historically, I’ve been quite frustrated with Corel because even though I register my products (long time user of CorelDraw also) and check all the subscribe boxes I can find, some how I never seem to get all the notices. So I have to go to their site periodically and browse for new info!!! I did not even know Painter 2015 was released!!! So, I guess that worked in my favor this time!!!

    Again, thank you, Skip for all your efforts in keeping us posted on new developments with Corel and Wacom!! You truly are a blessing!!!!

  6. got the email this morning , bought the $99 upgrade before i watched the lunch webinar , they did mention your fractal brush and even showed it in action , their flower was nice but not as your above . thank you

  7. I upgraded to X3 educational last year using a link sent by from Karen in the DAA. I cannot upgrade to P-2015 (no email offer received) because the educational discount only applies to the USA and although I am a US citizen, I live in Australia. I will wait to see if an educational upgrade becomes available through the DAA again. “It ain’t the brush that makes the art, it’s the hand that wields it”. (my sour grapes for the day)

    • Hey Wardie,
      You don’t get a special upgrade pricing if you bought the educational version…it is $99 so it is a sweet deal already. But, as you know it doesn’t come with support and you aren’t suppose to use it for commercial purposes. Send Karen a note…I’m thinking that we can offer the educational version at DAA if you are taking a class, but I’m not sure. Glad to hear from you,

  8. I’m a registered user of Painter X3, but they show upgrade price as $299, not $99.  Do you have a link to get it at the $99 price?   Marie Fullerton

    • Marie, It appears from comments of others, you can contact chat or just call the number listed on the web site. I’ve sent a question into some folks at Corel and hope to find out more answers soon.

  9. Hi Skip…. thanks for the info about 2015. I have yet to receive the invite and just called Corel to see if I could purchase it but they won’t sell it at that price unless you receive the invite, so I guess I’m on hold for now.

    • Hey…I’m thinking you just talked to someone who didn’t have all the information. I am pretty sure the offer is good, but I’m hoping to have more information soon…so hold on, more later.

  10. Hello All,

    Today I contacted Corel using their “Chat Now” link on the website and was able to get customer service help in less than a minute and recieved my special “shopping cart” with the discount in less than 5 minutes! Customer Service was very nice and helpful.

    The ‘Chat Now” link is located in the uppper right of Corel’s website.


  11. Thanks for the info Skip !!!. Just called the number left by Marie and it worked for me also. They are going to email me the order link. When you call the number, press the option 2 to buy. You should get someone right away…..Thanks Marie !!

    • Hey Judi,
      It depends on your system. Do you have a 64-bit computer? You probably do; it is pretty standard these days. If that is the case then you download the 64-bit version.
      Hope this helps,

    • Hey Donna,
      Folks are telling me that you can use the chat or call the number on the Corel site. I do believe there is more information coming out soon…hang on.

  12. I posted earlier so I wanted to do a follow up. I did get a full refund from Cleverbridge and the Corel Live Chat did send me a link to a pre-made shopping cart with the $99 special. It did take a few hours of calling and emailing and chatting…but all’s well that ends well.

    Now to look again at those DAA classes offered by Skip and Jason.

    The more I look at your red flowers Skip the more enchanting they become. I remember how much fun it was taking your Beginning Brushes class a couple of years ago.

    Hope your sister is faring well now.

  13. I have two Macs, one with 8 GB and one with 16 GB of memory. Both have solid state drives & i7 processor systems. Using a mouse, particle brush drawing is not dramatically delayed. Using Wacom tablet, the 8 GB has large delays drawing with particle brushes while 16 GB system has no delays. I have used the latest Wacom drivers and Macs are OS X 10.9.4.

    • Hi Hugh,
      Try turning off the multicore option on the slow particle brushes. You can find it by going to Windows > Brush Control Panels > General.
      Let me know if it helps,

      • Actually I found it is not obviously related to memory. I tried a Mac Air with 4 GB memory and Painter 2015/ Wacom drawing with particle brushes and Mac Air painting was not slow.
        So I found out that my retina MAC 2013 with 8 GB memory did not delay when is used its own display even at highest resolution. However I had been using HDMI builtin connection to a 1900×1200 monitor and there is a very large delay. When I tried thunderbolt display adapter for HDMI as well as VGA adapter, I saw the same delay on the Retina MacBook Pro. The older 16 GB MacBook Pro without Retina, does not show a delay even using a VGA thunderbolt adapter.

        So for now I will just use Retina MacBook Pro’s laptop screen without external monitor connection until this issue is resolved.

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