Special Pricing for Corel Painter 2015…The Details

Hello Everyone,

I have gotten lots of questions about how to get the special pricing for registered users of Corel Painter X3.  Corel kindly provided the following information.

In order to obtain your $99 upgrade, or local currency equivalent, to Corel Painter 2015 please call Corel at the following numbers based on your region.

( Mon- Thurs 9 am – 10 pm est  & Fridays 9am – 7 pm Est )

North America 1-877-582-6735

Australia – 61 2 8518 1269

Rest of world – 08000 488984

Please remember, this is for registered users of Corel Painter X3



And for fun…here is another image done in Corel Painter 2015

Wet Poppies, Corel Painter 2015, Real Watercolor, Watercolor, and Particle Brushes.

Wet Poppies, Corel Painter 2015, Real Watercolor, Watercolor, and Particle Brushes.

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  1. Love the poppies ! I also saw your “under water poppies” in the Painter gallery! Cool ! …don’t know how one of mine got there, but I was honored. Looking forward to the class! Judi

  2. Skip, they are not taking calls on the number below. Any other suggestions? I really want to take advantage of this offer. Any idea how long it will be available?

    Bari DuBois

    • Hi Bari,
      I just saw a note from someone that they were closed due to training. I would just call back later. I believe the offer is good until Sep 12th, but I would go ahead and order in the next day or so.

      • Bari…
        Forgot to say…if you are a registered user of Corel Painter X3, go back through your emails and also check junk mail…you should have gotten an email with the special offer.

      • Skip, thank you for the advice on Corel deals. I went online to chat with Corel in the UK and asked about special deals. They provided me with an update from X3 to 2015 for £69 around $115

        • Yippeee, I’m glad to know that. I was wondering if folks in other countries were getting the deal. I knew they were supposed to be getting it and I have heard folks in Australia say they got it. Glad to know England is on board, too.

  3. Hi Glena,

    Skip Allen has tutorials for Corel Painter. He just attached a new painting using the new brushed in the new painter.  Looks kind of neat.  Thought you would enjoy.

    Brother Leroy

    >________________________________ > From: Skip Allen Paints >To: leroy@photosbyleroy.com >Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:26 AM >Subject: [New post] Special Pricing for Corel Painter 2015…The Details > > > > WordPress.com >Skip Allen posted: “Hello Everyone, I have gotten lots of questions about how to get the special pricing for registered users of Corel Painter X3.  Corel kindly provided the following information. In order to obtain your $99 upgrade, or local currency equivalent, to Co” >

    • Hey,
      There have been lots of new stuff since Corel Painter 11. You will have a learning curve for sure, but nothing insurmountable. It will continue to grow the further you get from 11, so why not bite the bullet and upgrade. Corel Painter 2015 is the fastest and most stable Painter to date. I’m sure you will love it. But…one caveat…do check the system requirements. If you are on a PC, do you have Window 7 or above…or are you still using XP. Windows XP isn’t supported with the new Painter.
      Hope this helps,

      • thanks Skip–I might have to bite the bullet and do this. If I do, I will probably show up in your class. Thanks again.

  4. Adding a P.S. to the last question. I know I wouldn’t get the special deal, I was just wondering if from Corel Painter 11 to Corel Painter 2015 there were so many changes that I wouldn’t be able to learn it.–Thanks.

  5. Thanks Skip. I just ordered this. We appreciate your passing this on to us. Beautiful painting by the way.

  6. Thank you, Skip, for alerting us to this wonderful discount and following up with the contact information, I just placed my order and am very excited about all the money I saved. Best wishes Kaye Baucom

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Hi Skip,

    I wrote before that I was unable to reach anyone at the phone number below. I tried again after 10 am and was able to place the order for an upgrade for $99. I just wanted to thank you for sending the email about the upgrade discount. I am very grateful to get it. I am also looking forward to working with new brushes.

    Thank you.

    Bari DuBois

  8. HI Skip,

    Your work just gets better and better!! So Superior, Par Excellence!! Love everything you paint! Hope I could do a fraction of what you do! I will be buying
    the upgrade and joining you on your class!

    Thanks Skip!


  9. Thank you Skip, for this special upgrade information . . . as I do own Painter X3.
    As for your beautiful “Wet Poppies” watercolor painting, I’m just shaking my head and saying “wow; WOW!”

  10. Hi Skip,

    Just purchased Painter 15, after just buying PainterX3 June 21 and I feel a little overwhelmed. I will not be able to start before the end of August. Will starting a little

    later be a problem?

    Looking forward to taking your class. I’ve taken other classes in DAA, but this is the first with you. I want to learn Painter 15 from scratch and your new course

    fits the bill! Love your videos and always appreciate your generous gifts of many brushes. Thank you for your help when needed.



    • Hi Alice,
      Starting late isn’t a problem, but it would be best to start at the time the class starts. Please read the syllabus carefully. The class isn’t everything about Painter, but about the new functions and enhancements in Painter 2015. I’m looking forward to having you in the class.

  11. Thanks Skip I just placed my order.. I had not even heard of the update.. for some reason I did not get the e-mail notice….

  12. I have to say over the past few versions Corel has ruined the interface for this app. They need to hire a UI designer in a big way. Maybe even ask Kai Krause for some consulting help? I don’t know, but Corel is not getting any more of my money until they fix Painter. Too many complex panels, icons are bulky and cartoonish, brushes panel needs serious rethinking.
    They need to take a cue from ArtRage or Sketchbook Pro and redesign the entire interface.

    • Hi Tim,
      I appreciate your point of view. I am unaware of Corel’s development team visiting my blog. Your comment would have more impact if you posted at Painter Factory, which is Corel Painter’s Forum.
      I like Painter’s interface, but that is just my opinion. There have been changes in the UI with this version including a different way the brush panel works with the simple toolbox.

  13. Hello Skip.

    First I want to thank that you for your generously sharing your knowledge about Painter on the Internet!

    I work as an illustrator and I use Painter as my working tool. Painter 2015 looks really nice, but one thing makes me unable to use it in my job.

    I have encountered a big problem. The colors do not match between Photoshop and Painter 2015. I have the same color settings in Painter 2015 as I have in Painter X3. Between X3 and Photoshop the colors matches perfect.

    And in Painter 2015 the color in the color wheel doesn’t appear in the same way, as is dose on the canvas.

    (Se the jpg-file I send to you.)

    I am very grateful if you could help me with this. I will donate money on your webside if you help me solve the problem.

    I try to post the problem on Painter webside but they don’t accept the code I got when I bought the product.

    I use mac with the latest operative system.

    Greetings from Norway,

    Lars Rudebjer


    14. aug. 2014 kl. 16:26 skrev Skip Allen Paints :

    > >

    • Hi Lars,
      I notice that you said you sent me a jpg screen shot of the difference in colors between X3 and 2015 on a Mac. I would like to see the image, so I have sent you my email address privately. Please send me the jpg and I’ll see what I can find out.

      Thank you for the offer of a donation. It is always helpful if I get a donation, but I do not require a donation to try and help. If folks find the blog useful in general, it is nice if they let me know via a donation no matter how small or large. It makes my day and makes me feel like my efforts are worthwhile, but a nice thank you does the same thing. 🙂


  14. Yea, Skip!!! Thanks to you letting me know about Corel’s special offer I just ordered my upgrade for $99 to Corel 2015! I am very excited and grateful to you, Skip!! Many, many thanks! Betty

  15. I just tried to get this $99 offer and they refused to go below £149, which is $246 so I’m feeling very insulted – and I’ve had Painter since the original paint can. I also tried and failed to get this offer 10 days ago but now they’re saying it has expired after first trying to say it was US only but giving up on that score when I mentioned Skip Allen and having seen the worldwide numbers. How convenient. So I’m going to say to hell with Corel. I also advise people not to upgrade at any higher price than $99.
    Bitter and very, very angry.

    • Hi Tinror,
      I am sad that you had this trouble. I don’t work for Corel, so I cannot help. It was my understanding that the offer was good until Sep 12, 30 days after the release. I see you say that you have been a Corel user since the original paint can, but the requirement was to have registered a commercial copy of Painter X3. I am sure you must have that, but I just wanted to mention it in case you didn’t. That would mean that you were not eligible for the special pricing.

      • You’re right I do have a registered copy of Painter X3 and they never argued that I didn’t have that.
        I appreciate that you don’t work for Corel but your great work must help their sales and this is a bit of a shabby affair to be associated with in any shape or form.
        I do appreciate your good intentions in any case, I’ve admired the way you work for a long time.

  16. Sadly, they denied me on the phone, even though I’m a registered user of X3. They said that because I bought X3 in August of 2013, I don’t qualify… and said if my X3 had been ‘less than 30 days old’, I would qualify. I tried to argue, but failed. So disappointed!

  17. Hi, Skip, I am enjoying your HOS tutorials.

    Two questions for you: 1) I work with an NGO as a medical missionary in Mexico, so I was able to buy Corel Painter X3 for the “student” price of $99. Is there a further reduction of Painter 2015 for NGOs and students (download)?

    2) Do the newer Digital Art Academy courses depend on Painter 2015, or will X3 also work for them?

    Thanks! Jody

    • Hi Jody,
      The educational version isn’t in an upgrade path, but if you were able to buy the educational version of X3, you should be able to buy the educational version of Painter 2015. It would still be $99.00 US, I believe.

      Some classes at Digital Art Academy (DAA) do depend on using Corel Painter 2015, for instance my class, Corel Painter 2015, What’s New, would not be helpful for anyone using X3. But other classes wouldn’t be. Check the class syllabus for details. I don’t think the Matisse Inspired class requires Corel Painter 2015.

      Hope this helps,

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