Windows 10 is Poison – Microsoft Help is Woefully Inadequate

Yes Dear Readers,

Windows 10 is poison to computers; stay away from it.  You know me, I seldom write anything negative.  But in this case, honesty is important; the negative stuff needs saying.  Windows 10 is ridiculous and Microsoft help is woefully inadequate for the number and scale of problems arising.  Here is an outline of my experience.  I first wrote a 2400 word document which had all the names of tech support people and case numbers, but I decided no one would read it.  Please read the shortened version…or just take my word for it…Windows 10 is poison.,

Day 1: Installed Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3; installation was smooth.  Decided it was safe to install on my Alienware desktop and ran into problems.  Contacted Microsoft who after several hours told me I needed to let the process run for at least 1 to 3 hours.  I let it run 17 hours.

Day 2: Connected with Microsoft again with a different agent.  Explained the problem.  Worked with her another 5 hours.  At the end, she decided she needed to escalate my problem to a level 2 engineer.  She set the call for between the hours of 10 and noon the next day.

Day 3:  Microsoft level 2 engineer didn’t call.  I call them around 2 PM and a level 1 tech suggested I wait and he was sure someone would call.  I could wait, I didn’t have to install Windows 10, but it looked so neat and I believed all the press.

Day 4:  The Microsoft level 2 engineer called around 10 AM.  I worked with her for 11 hours.  Most of that was downloading time.  At the end of the day, no resolution was in sight.  She couldn’t get Windows 10 to install.  She promised to call the next day.  Odd thing happened.  My Surface Pro 3, which had worked fine before Windows 10, no longer could see my audio hardware.  I no longer had sound.

Day 5: The level 2 engineer called and we continued working, but we kept getting failed attempts and various error messages.  At 4 1/2 hours, I had to stop because I had a live session with a student scheduled.  She tried one more time and this time my computer went to the screen of death or the blue screen.  It restarted again, thank goodness.  At the end of our call, the tech said that she didn’t know of anything else to do except wipe my computer and install Windows 10.  No thank you was my reply.  I mean really, she couldn’t promise that even that would work.  We ended the call.

She had asked me to uninstall Norton and disconnect all peripherals from my computer before the last installation attempt.  I set everything back up, started my computer, and immediately crashed to blue screen.  I couldn’t correct the problem.  Horrified, I called Microsoft back.  The support tech informed me that since Windows 10 never installed and I was trying to get Windows 7 Ultimate back on the machine, I would have to call another department and pay for the support.  I remained calm on the outside, but it was good that he couldn’t see my eyes, which I am sure would have shot laser beams penetrating his skull and vaporizing his brain on the spot.  I then spent another 4 hours holding on the phone waiting for a tech at a different department, who informed me that the first tech should have never sent me to him.  The other tech should have returned me to the level 2 tech I worked with.  OK, I really am getting angry.   It is 9 PM and he tells me he will contact the tech and her manager and they would call me within 2 hours.  They didn’t call.  I wonder if he contacted anyone or was just trying to placate me.

Day 6:  My computer is still crashing to blue screen on opening.  I am trying to restore to an earlier point, which also fails.  I call Microsoft.  During the 3 hour wait time, I decided to revert my Surface Pro 3 back to Windows 8.1.  A miracle happened.  The Surface was now able to see my audio hardware and play sound again.  I then found out that Microsoft was aware of the problem and needed to give new drivers to the Window 10 users.  Would have been nice if they had notified us, right?  But, I guess it is way more fun to let its loyal customers flounder about.

OK, so I get a new level 2 tech who is very apologetic and says she will help me, right?  She started by trying to restore my computer to an earlier time, which I patiently explained wouldn’t work.  She did it anyway.  It didn’t work.  Then she asked me to do something, I couldn’t make it out.  I asked her to repeat herself and she didn’t.  Then she started saying hello and trying to get my attention.  I could hear her, but she couldn’t hear me.  She said that she had to end the call.  Not ten minutes earlier I had given her my call back number and begged her to call me if we got disconnected.  She did not call me back.  I call Microsoft back once again. One hour into the wait time I get disconnected. To this point, my writing has been kind, but let me be perfectly frank.  Microsoft’s help system sucks.  I cannot write the words I am thinking…you can read between the lines.  And, their product sucks, too.  It killed one of my computers and disabled the other.

I called Alienware support and on bended knee, I asked if they could help.  It probably took 5 minutes to reset the bad stuff that the repeated installation attempts and reverting back to Windows 7 created.  I spent another 15 minutes with the tech while he ran diagnostics on my machine to see if all was OK and it is.  Compare Alienware’s performance to Microsoft’s…15 minutes versus 6 days.

Please do not try to install Windows 10.  I know it is safe for some folks, but you will not know that until you try.  Then, you must call a help system that isn’t capable of correcting the problems that are occurring.   Please share this post with others.  Everyone needs to know the dangers here…and the appalling lack of support from Microsoft.

Alienware support is my hero, Microsoft support is the spawn of the devil.




74 responses to “Windows 10 is Poison – Microsoft Help is Woefully Inadequate

  1. Skip, I am so sorry to hear about your problems. You are always positive, and I know that you would not make a comment unless the problem were even worse than you stated. I have Windows on my work laptop, and my problems are myriad. I know less than nothing, but it appears that the talent has left Microsoft in favor of competition.

    • Thank you Candace. I thought long and hard about writing this article. But, today sent me over the top and it was time to expose the difficulties I had. I know that most folks will not have these same difficulties, but some will. Hugs, Skip

  2. I’ve been following the news regarding the Win10 upgrades, and had decided to forestall any activity towards this until “the majority” of the bugs were worked out [quotes lodged firmly in cheek!]. Needless to say, your missive further strengthens this position!

    I’m sorry as heck that your experience was so terrible; I’m so glad, however, that you took the time to share it with others. Kudos to you for being candid about your travails; I’m sure it’s going to save others the same or further trouble down the road.

    Hope all is now well on your end, and thanks for this, and all of your other posts!


    • Thanks Sean, all seems well now. I’m sure most will not have the experience I did, but I was so frustrated at the end of the process that I had to report the experience. Thanks for commenting, Skip

  3. Sorry to hear about your troubles, I am not that computer literate But had similar issues when I ran Windows that frustrated me to no end, I was so tired of having to re-install and put everything back. I have had Apples since then, no major issues. By the way the beach scene I showed you won 2nd place in the Nation in this contest. Thank you for all your help by way of teaching videos they helped me a lot.

  4. Thanks, Skip. What a nightmare. The scope of Microsoft’s strategy to get most folks to upgrade to Windows 10 by offering it free is huge — they must be swamped and should have been better prepared. Did you attempt to upgrade or do a clean install? I think they offer only upgrade for free, but have seen posts telling how to do a clean install. I am impressed by Alienware’s support. I signed up for the upgrade, it downloaded to my computers, and I have closed the window asking if I want to install it every time I start the computer because I am afraid of exactly what you experienced. Hope I can keep doing that indefinitely.

    • Hi Isabelle, I was trying to do an update. Microsoft tried an update from my computer and by downloading the ISO file…neither worked. The next step would have been a clean install, which I didn’t want to do. Windows 10 isn’t that important to me. I’ll wait till I by my next computer.

  5. Hi Skip,
    You probably don’t want to hear this, but just by a Mac. I have a 2010 Mac Pro, 3 monitors, 32gig ram, 8 cores, usb 3 , it has never let me down, and gone thru 3 or 4 major upgrades, running parinter, photoshop, lightroom, nik, and onone never a glich, no viruses, no breached, just let you do your work. I left microsoft world and never looked back.

    • Thanks Dave, Many of my Mac friends have been telling me the same thing and I tell them to get a PC when issues with the proprietary Mac software gives them fits. It is good fun. This time, I will admit, a Mac is looking pretty good.

  6. Get a MAC, Skip. So sorry you are having so much trouble. I did pray for you as promised!

    Blessings, Diana

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    • Thanks Jean, I think we will all upgrade eventually, but I would give it about 2 months for the latest round of problems to get fixed.
      Thanks for the comment,

  7. Hi Skip… I was shocked to hear this tale of horror. I am so sorry that you had to go thru this and still having difficulty. I havn’t opened the alienware computer yet so dont know if it switched. Big computer fine. all well here. Send me a note when you and computer are recovered….I am having fun with painter. hugs, jToby have fun tomorrow morning and say hi to Helen Yancy…She won’t remember me but I do her…

    • Hey Toby, Your new computer will not switch automatically, but I’m pretty sure it is good to go for Windows 10. I don’t think you will have any problems. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into Atlanta…lost too much time with the Windows 10 issue and now I am behind on deadlines. I hope to meet Helen on her next trip to Atlanta. Hugs, Skip

  8. Hi Skip,

    That is a tale of woe, indeed! So, you know me – GO MAC! Sure, I know you’d have to spend a bunch of money, but many of the Mac computers come with a lot of software included that you wouldn’t have to re-purchase. This includes Window Office (Word, Excel, etc.). Mac is designed for artists! So much more intuitive than Windows. I don’t believe that they will change or improve their product or service anytime in our lifetimes.

    Good luck!!!




    • Thanks Bettie, Macs are looking mighty good. 🙂 I have been using Windows since its beginnings, so it is pretty intuitive to me and Macs seem clunky, but that is only because I am used to a PC. It isn’t the expense, but learning a new OS that is holding me back.
      Hugs my friend,

  9. Lordy, what a nightmare Skip. I know you don’t easily write negative comments so this critique was enough to tell me to let it alone for as long as I can and stay with what I have. Thanks Skipper.

  10. i brought this up about a week ago at Painter Factory and it received very little response. I think their ‘auto upgrading’ requirement is a major threat to a number of applications. If Win 10 keeps failing as it is I will probably be going to Apple; Something I have never wanted to do and I’ve been with PC since the early days of DOS!

    • Hey John, Me too. I have had a PC since 1984…before most of the techs I talk with were born. Sometimes I pine for the old days, but I get over it with each new shiny computer. 🙂 I feel certain Microsoft will fix all the issues, but it may take a few months. In the meantime, we could talk about the early days. I was on the internet before it became public and the Web started. I’m sure you were too…no graphics, only text, but I could find academic papers on just about any subject from many colleges. And, boy, look at it now. OMGosh, remember when we thought 128K was a huge amount of memory…and how could we possibly fill up a 10MB hard drive. By today’s standards, those old machines were very expensive.
      Take care,

  11. Oh, Skip. What a nightmare! I twice had this almost exact problem. Only it lasted longer. Both times were with Dell. One for my Inspiron and one for my Alienware. I know how you feel. Your experience confirms my hesitation that Windows 10 might not play nice. I’m glad you got everything restored. Take care.

        • Yes, Marion, do check and see that all your drivers are up to date. But, I will tell you, I did that prior to my installation. I have heard but haven’t confirmed adequately that Nvidia has some driver issues. I do have an Nvidia card and I had updated it, but as you see, I still failed. I bet you will be OK. Since Aaron lives close to you, you might ask him what he did. He has installed without issues. Hugs, Skip

  12. Skip,

    I can’t thank you enough for posting this. I’ve been hesitant about installing Windows 10 (I even went out of my way to not install the update which notified you to reserve it.) because I’ve always been wary of being first in line with new software (except for Painter of course).

    I haven’t been hearing too much about problems except for those who were using the Surface pro, but I know you have both the Surface pro and a normal desktop. I also know that you’re pretty savvy when it comes to rooting around in your computer’s files, so it’s apparent to me that this is not a “user problem” but a problem with the Win 10 software.

    You have my deepest sympathy, and my empathy too since I had a similar experience in attempting to get my phone number and minutes switched from my old flip phone to a new smart phone. I spent so many hours on the phone with tech support that my ear was sore for days. I’m sure your ear is sore now.

    What a nightmare, just reading about your problems makes me cringe…I’ve been there and done that, and I’m sticking with Win 7. I guess Microsoft is going to have another situation with Win 7 similar to the one with XP unless they can get their act together.

    Keep us updated please, and thanks again.


    • Thanks Elaina,
      I will definitely keep you updated. I am pretty sure Microsoft is so invested in Windows 10 that they will work out the problems and we will not relive the XP – Windows 7 issue. At least I am hoping all will be well. I did use Windows 10 for a couple of days on my Surface Pro 3, and I must say I liked what I saw. I really want to upgrade, but I can’t…sigh.
      Thanks for your comment,

    • Thank you for re-blogging the article. I just went to Chittle Chattle and enjoyed my visit. I saw your images of mushrooms right away. Edible wild mushrooms is one of my passions, but I don’t go out and collect as much as I once did. I used to have 22 acres of bottom land and would search for mushrooms daily. Bird watching…well identifying the local flora and fauna is also a passion. I didn’t recognize the bird under Identity problems. I may try to look it up later, but I suspect someone has answered it for you. Thanks again for the re-blog,

  13. What a nightmare!! I shall stick with that advice and continue to ignore my p.c asking me to update to windows 10 – you have confirmed my fears. Nothing is quite so frustrating as watching your pc fail to respond. I had been considering making the move but not now. I depend far too much on my laptop – it is my lifeline to sanity as I use it every day to produce illustration. Sometimes I do wonder why I frittter away my days on such a virtual occupation, but having been dealt some health issues I wouldn’t be without it. Scary to be so dependant on it though. thankyou for posting this warning

    • Thanks Modestly, and welcome to Skip Allen Paints. I am on my computer almost 24/7, so I can sympathize. I worry about being dependent, too. I think it is one of the reasons, that I don’t retire the current model when I buy a new one. If one fails, I have the other as a backup. I just went to your blog and was attracted to the latest posts with the excerpt from the Udana. I have been curious about Buddhist meditation lately and found a free course that looks interesting. It is called Buddhist Meditation in the Modern World. Check it out. Starts Aug 30. Thanks for commenting, Skip

  14. What a bummer, that must have been so aggravating for you. I appreciate the warning, because I was just about to upgrade to windows 10 today. Something told me to wait, and I’m so glad I did.

  15. Compare to you, I got just a few minor problems with my installation of Windows 10 on my old computer but I admit that I will wait for the installation on my other newer system.

  16. Wow, Skip! I am so sorry to hear of this situation. But, Thank You for being an honest person and sharing your experience so that others may not have to suffer as you did. I have to add – I am not one bit surprised at the terrible service / tech support you received.

  17. I am very happy with Windows 7 see no need to upgrade to windows 10.Thanks Skip for telling us about windows 10, sooty to hear you had so many problems!

      • I have been programming Windows and Macs since they first came out. I can tell you for sure that a Mac is what you need for future proofing and the ultimate smooth operation. Windows are functional and that is it. The filing system on a Mac is so good and far simpler than Windows. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind Windows but for design video and music it simply is a Mac .

        Now I am aware you will be polite and say thanks a macs looking good but…. All I will say is when a majority tell you the same thing maybe it’s wise to listen and make the change people do this out of being kind and knowing what is the best tool for the job.

        As for the learning curve let’s put it this way it’s easy, if you can work buggy Windows you will just love the smoothness of a Mac and see how simple it is. Also you said you found them clunky I a have no idea what you mean but I think you must of been thinking of Windows at the time!

        I use a new Mac Pro and a 2011 MacBook 17″ running through a Cintiq 24HD Touch and it is poetry. I also have Windows 10 on a few PC’s and I tried running my Surface Pro 3 with it and found it worked ok, then it didn’t then it did, Windows especially with 10 is not stable yet and probably won’t be for a year or so. Windows 8.1 is fine and so is 7. Still however the Macs just breeze on and are super smooth. Why don’t you purchase one and get to learn it and practice with it I guarantee in no time you will forget about Windows for painting and graphics and probably pretty much everything hehehe.

        Just my two pennies worth for you.

        Have a great day either way 🙂

        • Hey Lee, I can remember when I bought my first computer back in 1984, I went with a Compaq because those machines worked best for business and the only way to justify the purchase was it had to be used for my pottery studio. I don’t remember what I knew about Apple at the time, but at some point I do remember folks saying that Apple was the best for graphics and the PC for business. Now a days, it probably doesn’t matter as much. However, your two cents as well as the others who are suggesting moving to a Mac is having an impact on me. I am looking at Macs, and just realized that I ought to go to one of the stores and talk with someone. The Mac Pro is impressive. Do you add external drives to yours? Anyway, I am being polite, but I’m not dismissing all that is being said. Thanks for adding your voice. Skip

  18. Wow, did u have a lot of trouble. I load windows 10 on my laptop 64bit Dell computer and it works great. I can still use my Painter 11. Until I learn how to use P11 I am not going to up grade to a newer Painter. We also purchased a New 2-1 Dell Computer which came with Windows 8 and after one week I loaded in W10 and it also works fine. So… I don’t have an help there for you. I was also able to load Painter 11 on the new 64bit word computers and it works fine which Corel said it would not work. Therefore good luck.

    • Great News Roy. I am so glad you were able to load Windows 10 without incident. I imagine that will be the case for most folks. I’m glad you are able to continue with Painter 11. It was one of my favorite versions. Enjoy and thanks for commenting, Skip

  19. Oh dear kind sir….you write the truth in humor. Would be hair less here in Virginia by now after experiencing this 6 day drama. My dear sweet husband wants win 10…as he hate windows 8.1. Got to see that he reads this article. Told him he best take the computer to Best Buy for the free upgrade. What is really frightening to me…is the lack of quality of tech support. As I wrestled with the idea of an upgrade, I went to my computer manufacturer on line and pretended to buy a new workstation. Ha….they don’t mention the new operating system. No option to buy another computer unless I buy the same exact everything…..that tells me a lot. Did hunt for update drivers and they have written code to update older drivers for Win 10. My evil mind is telling me that free means free tester of the software. They don’t have it ready and they don’t want to spend countless dollars for professional technical people who do this job for a living. Don’t remember the proper term for these fellows….but they help resolve the problems that wizards like windows create. Thanks for your honesty about the situation. Maybe a clean install is the only way windows 10 will make it into the market place.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a scull and crossbones placed on the terms “free windows 10” …..Marion

    • Hey Marion, I am already hairless…LOL…so I could not pull any more. I did try Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3 before I had issues with the desktop version and I liked it very much. I can understand that your husband doesn’t like 8 and wants to go to 10…I did too…very much. And, to be very honest, it is likely that he can upgrade without any problems, that just wasn’t my case. I will try again in a couple of months. If y’all try, I wish you the very best luck. Big Hugs, Skip

  20. In this day and age, that experience is so much more stressful that it would have been even 5 years ago (although it has always been horrible). I am so glad you posted this experience. This release is unfair to the consumer. They are entrusting Microsoft to be responsible for one of their most important assets.

    I simply cannot see why any major upgrade doesn’t come with a prebuilt backout component. Asking the consumer’s permission, of course, the first thing a major upgrade should do is make a rollback image of the computer so that it can be put back the way it was found. I’d even go so far as to say they should store this image (highly encrypted, of course, by your password) on THIER staging area. What’s the point of all this cloud nonsense if they can’t even do that? Then, give the consumer 60-90 days to decide if they wish to rollback (if they are holding the rollback in the cloud).

    The fact that there were ANY problems on the Surface Pro 3 .. their own and most marketed machine, is the capper. There is simply NO excuse for that one.

    Once again, Microsoft rushes to market too fast and relies on their consumer to do their QA testing. They could get away with it before, but they are now on the precipice of loosing it all. Most enterprise businesses never went to Windows 8, and the business market is all that is holding them together at this point.

    For the first time in my life, I recently chose to get a MAC. I am traditionally very apt with Windows, so this was a major move for me. Maybe I had some instinct because I have not looked back once with regret.

    • Hello and thank you for your thoughtful reply. I do need to say that there was a restore function built into the software that returns the system back to windows 7, but as you stated, no type of image backup. I did have my files backed up prior to installation, so that I wouldn’t lose any data files, but I didn’t have an image backup system, which would have been best.
      I was totally surprised about the Surface Pro 3 as well. It was even more frustrating because I was able to test Windows 10 for a while and I did like it. I really wanted to be able to download and install Windows 10…sigh.
      Macs do look more interesting to me, too. If I decide to switch, it will be very hard. I got my first computer in 1984 and have been using Windows since the beginning. I think I have been a very loyal customer, but my loyalty isn’t appreciated, apparently.
      I do want to say again, that I feel like most Windows users will probably not have the experience I did. Many have installed the software without incident. But, how do you know you will have a good install. Apparently, there isn’t a way to do that. So, it would be best to prepare your computer for the worst meaning, you can’t trust Microsoft to help you in case of problems. It really is sad.

  21. Trust and faith in the PC brand is important. Perhaps, it’s Alienware, and not the Microsoft OS. Kernel is so similar in Win10 to Win8.1. Have noted after working with MAC a few years 33 years ago, and then changing to Windows 30 years ago that Windows is sooo much better. That said, the dependency also comes with the Brand of PC. So, trust and faith in the OS, AND trust and faith in the PC brand are both important. In the last 6 years, I have changed to ACER, and also LENOVO. Further, Lenovo has an edge on ACER, but costs more. Also, noted that Dell has not kept pace. That’s why I’m asking, is it Alienware– with Win10? Can’t go to MAC, but, need to consider which brand to own, and when to upgrade my own computer to Win10. My daughter’s was flawless. At the church, 2 servers and 5 PCs all Windows 10. A couple are Dells. Probably upgrade mine soon. Acer laptop and Lenovo desktop.

    • Hey Paul,
      You are making very good points. The problem could always be with the hardware, software, or drivers I am using. And, I didn’t have Windows 8.1 on my desktop (I was upgrading from Window 7), but I did have Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 3. I have a 3rd computer which has Windows 8.1, but I haven’t tried to update to Windows 10, yet. So how would one know if your system is capable and ready to upgrade. Well, I believed the process Microsoft had in place. Microsoft automatically checks your system for compatibility with Windows 10. There was a way to run this test multiple times, too, which I did. My system always passed with multiple colors.
      Anyway, there have been many who have had flawless upgrades and I expect that will be the norm. It was not my experience and I reported my experience. I actually think Windows 10 looks very good and I really wish I could have it. After all, I could have stopped trying after the first day working with Microsoft, but I lasted 6 days, which shows how intent I was on getting Windows 10.
      I bet you will have a good experience when you do upgrade. I hope you do and I hope there will be updates soon that will allow me to have Windows 10, too.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • You are aware that Lenovo recently committed a HUGE customer security breach? I wouldn’t go near them.

      That said, I work completely in Windows at work. Our office refused to go to Windows 8 (highly inconvenient, since you could not really get Windows 7 when purchasing the machines). I do hope they will move to Windows 10 now. Windows “7” is, after all, 2-3 years before iPad was even born!

      My main reason for going to MAC was its performance, particularly in graphics tools. I sometimes get frustrated with Mac, but for the most part, I really do like it. I plan to soon buy the VMware Fusion so I can switch back and forth. Just cleaning up the hard drive first for that.

      • Wow Regina,
        I had not seen this. I wouldn’t go near them either. I’ve been looking at a new Alienware, but they don’t come loaded with Windows 10 and that has me wondering if my problems with Windows 10 are Alienware related. I had to look up VMware Fusion. I knew Macs could run Windows now…they even have Intel chips. 🙂 I don’t know if I can make the switch though. I probably need to start small and get a wee Mac…if there is such a thing. Haha.
        Thanks for the comment,

        • Hi Allen. I know that making the switch to MAC was not easy for me, so I get it. I would not normally recommend people to make that kind of switch if they struggle at all with computers, but you are someone who could make up your mind to learn it, invest in the up front time and the make the transition to loving it. But it is that kind of investment. I can only speak to the notion that I am a windows person at work and build windows systems, and I STILL love my MAC.

          • Hey Regina, Thanks for the comment. I really am considering a Mac. My problem is more about trying to figure out what type of machine I would buy. I can glance at a Windows machine and know what I want. I looked at a Mac Pro and thought…wow…I would need a ton of external drives since it only had one solid state terabyte drive. The windows system had a 512 GB solid state drive with 12 terabyte storage drives. Anyway, I’m getting long in the tooth and not sure I have the energy to learn a completely new system. I’m not totally lost with a Mac…but it would still be somewhat daunting. Want to tell me what your dream Mac machine would be? skip

  22. I have done 11 computers choosing Windows 8.1 upgrade assistant. Since Win8.1 has the same kernel as Win10, it will show what will interfere. I found disk burning software, and 2 ACER programs amongst those computers that would not work with Win10. Obtained a 2015 disk burning software made for Win10 ashampoo Burning Studio 15 for 7 of those computers. I had had ashampoo previously (German) and is fabulous.

    2nd I did this download:
    v 1.72.1
    and one must note if it has SSE2, EM64T (indicates support for PAE), VT-x or VT-d which is needed for NX support.
    Afterwards, uninstall the CPU-Z

    3rd I did this:
    I let it scan. Stopped. Observed all the red Xs. Went to Computer/manage/device manager. Checked each one that had had a red x, by right click/properties/driver/update driver. And, if it said driver was current Windows driver I was good to go. On all those computers I have done, there was only one that really was in need, and that was an NVidia driver, which I let update. And all was good to go. I did NONE of the suggested bios updates. I was advised not to.

    Of those 11, most have upgraded to Windows 10. All is well.

    This being said, I am crying at your BAD experience. Further, your contacting Microsoft and having BAD service is accurate. Unacceptable. They must come upin or they will die. Fix it.

    I realize this is more than a comment, but perhaps, enough said, and something will help. Perhaps, to check to see if any of this helps. We are in this soup together, but Microsoft is really at arms length. Whoa bad. Intolerable. Help!


    • Thanks Paul, this is all great information. Right now I am excited about the new release about Painter 2016 and can’t take the time to fool with Windows 10. But, I will get back to it in a week or so…or maybe longer. I just don’t think it is right that we have to jump through hoops to install the OS.
      I really appreciate your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to do it.

  23. Installed Win 10 on my desktop from 8.1 and on my Surface Pro 3 from 8.1. Everything was OK from the very start and no problems occured in any program. So, I am sorry to hear from your bad experience with the new Windows.

  24. Skip, I’ve not read your previous posts, but this one was forwarded to me by a longtime user of the Painter software. I, too, have experienced some frustration with MS telephone support, but have also had one or two contacts that resulted in fixed problems. So far, I’ve not had to contact them regarding any of my Win10 activity.
    I signed on with the Win10 Tech Preview when it first became available, and installed it on a separate bootable partition of my desktop PC. While the following updates were massive, sometimes exceeding 3GB, everything continued to work up thru build 10240, which was the Manufacturing Release on July 29th.
    The following week, I devoted several days to reinstalling my critical apps on Win10 that had been working under the Win7 partition. These included AVG (free), CCleaner, Auslogics defrag, Macrium Reflect, Syncback, MS Office 2010, and the Palm Desktop. Everything has worked perfectly, so far.
    I should also mention that my boot partitions are on a SSD (240GB in total), and I have a separate HDD, partitioned for data and paging.
    I have scheduled a Win10 update for a Win8.1 partition on my laptop PC, but so far, MS has not provided the update.. Still waiting for that experience, which I hope will be better than yours.
    Bottom line: Win10 may require some driver updates for proper functioning, but overall is a much better experience than Win8.1. I also highly recommend creating image backups of working systems onto external HDDs before making any major OS changes. It greatly simplifies getting back to a consistent starting point when problems do occur.

    • Hi Jim,
      I appreciate your response. I know you are trying to help. I didn’t explain everything I did prior to my attempt at installation, which included checking all drivers for updates, even checking bios. I have had one other experience with Microsoft phone support which was very simple…and of course I had to pay for it, but the support was adequate. The blog is talking about Microsoft’s support of its Windows 10 release, and I found that experience to be unhelpful. The technicians were pleasant and seemed to know what they were doing based on the training that were given. But, bottom line, they actually caused more problems than they solved. Even if I had many good experiences, the six days I spent talking with Microsoft support would negate my good feeling toward them.
      And Jim, most Windows users are not as tech savvy as you. They don’t even know what an imaging software backup is, let alone have one. I do have a backup system in place on an external drive, but it is a data backup system. I went to Microsoft’s FAQ and read everything they had posted and nothing lead me to believe I needed to check drivers or have an imaging backup system. Actually, it said that I could check to see if my computer was ready for Windows 10 by running a Microsoft utility that would check my system. I passed. So as far as I am concerned, I did everything I needed to do prior to installation plus some.
      Yes, I know, installing new software has risks and many wait for a few months before installation…hoping the bugs will be ironed out. I like to be the first one on the block to try stuff and report it to my readers. I seldom am negative, but this time, I needed to tell it like it is, and not sugar coat the experience. I do believe that most folks will not have the experience I had and I even believe that most folks will have a better experience with Microsoft support. But, that wasn’t my experience and all I can do is report my experience.
      I have been a loyal Windows supporter from the beginning…I got my first PC in 1984 and have watched the industry grow. I wanted Windows 10. It looked very good and I even was able to try it on my Surface Pro 3 for about three days. I liked what I saw. But, unfortunately, Windows 10 failed to see the audio hardware on Microsoft’s own product. Yep, I found out that they supplied an incorrect driver for their own product. I reverted back to Windows 8.1 and have my sound again. I have another desktop that I can install Windows 10 on, but just don’t have the energy to give it a try. I am sad about that, but I can’t be sure that I will have a good experience.
      My bottom line, shame on Microsoft for not anticipating the needs of its customer base and having a totally inadequate help system in place. Shame on Microsoft putting out a product and telling its user base that the product and the users hardware will work. Again, thanks for your note. I know you are trying to help, but I am still to angry to discuss the issue calmly.

      • “… I know you are trying to help, but I am still to angry to discuss the issue calmly.”

        Been there…

        Just another comment regarding Windows 10 — My biggest headache with it has been the MS insistence on forcing the automatic windows update on us. I have no problem with the automatic update being the default setting, because as you (sort of) said, most people don’t know they have a choice, and/or don’t want to bother with it.

        Just this morning, as I brought up my Win10 system, I got a request to update my AMD Catalyst driver. I agreed, and midway thru the download progress bar, the download froze! Further examination showed that the MS updates were running, full-bore, in the background and totally blocking the AMD download. I had to cancel the AMD update, let the MS updates finish, then go manually start the AMD stuff again. I was not thinking kind thoughts about Microsoft during this process! Just thought I’d share this adventure.
        — Jim

  25. What is your model Alienware? I have an m17x R2 (circa 2010). Dell has indicated they will not upgrade the drivers for Windows 10 for the m17x series but have for the m17 series (which is newer). On the other hand there are some indications people have done the upgrade anyway and been successful.

    BTW the Windows 10 app has now checked my system and says “You are ready to go”. Microsoft wouldn’t lie, would they?

    Based on your experience and common sense in general, I have decided to wait until I see some explicit instructions on the web from some kind soul for upgrading my particular Alienware with some indication that it will work.

    I probably won’t get another Dell computer.

    I am sorry for your experience. it is really really frustrating when that happens.

    • Hey Ken,
      Thank you for your note. I have a newer model, but can’t get to the model number without crawling around and looking. Unfortunately, I was told I was ready to go, too. When I talked with Alienware support, then didn’t indicate that the system wouldn’t work with Windows 10. And, yes, I know a number of Alienware users who have updated successfully, but I don’t know the model numbers. I have been thinking about moving manufacturers, too, but I have always had good luck with Dell. I also know that some folks have had trouble with Nvidia drivers. I have an Nvidia card, but the driver was updated prior to installation. Just another piece of the puzzle I guess.

  26. Skip sorry to here you are having trouble with Windows 10. Many years ago I switched to a Mac after trials with Windows drivers.
    It’s so much easier to get support with a Mac. Apple has stores now you can make an appointment and talk to real people in person who will actually care about your problem. Their are local user groups for the Mac that have wonderful people that are actually human and want to help. Hope you get your problems fixed using a computer should be fun. Learned that a long time go when I left Windows at work and use Apple at home in my quite peaceful time. 😀

    • Hey Ed, Thank you so much for making a comment. I am so sorry to be so long in responding. I have actually been looking at Macs on the internet. But you know, it might be better to actually go in and talk with someone about one. Part of my hesitancy is not knowing what to buy. I know what I would get with a PC and how I would configure it. It doesn’t look like I can get the same configuration in a Mac. And, then Mac folks do have issues with their OS too. El Capitan is causing havoc with some programs…sort of reminds me of Windows.
      Thanks again for making a comment. I hope all is well with you, my friend…enjoy…Skip

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