Corel Painter 2016 Launches Today…New Class, Corel Painter 2016-New Horizons

Hello Everybody,

I am so excited.  Download your free trial copy of Painter 2016.


Branch, Painter 2016, Liquid ink and watercolor particle brushes

Branch, Painter 2016, Liquid ink and watercolor particle brushes

Yes it is that time again; Corel released a new version of Painter.    I think you will want Painter 2016; it is the best version I have seen to date.  I have outlined some of the new features for you:

  1. A completely new Welcome Window.  Corel added tutorials plus a few other surprises.
  2. New color schemes for your workspace.
  3. A new shift start that protects custom content, like brushes, custom palettes, etc.
  4. Enhanced layer blending, which allows blending to transparency without the white or black issues in earlier versions.
  5. ABR import…you can import Photoshop ABR dabs into Painter.  Wow!
  6. New custom palette toolbox, which allows you to send a custom palette as a toolbox to your friends.  The box includes brushes, papers, and flow maps, which will be automatically installed on your friend’s computer.
  7. New full-screen mode allows an immersive painting experience.
  8. Rotate papers.
  9. Rotate flow maps
  10. Particle technology added to liquid inks.  Love it!
  11. Particle technology added to watercolor.  Love it!
  12. Impasto can be added to particle brushes.  Amazing!
  13. New Dynamic Speckle particles…think tamed particle technology that can be used with any other brush method.
  14. New Dynamic Speckle bristles…think particles can work like bristles.  One of my favorite new features.
  15. Audio Expression…what?  Watch your brushes explode to the beat of your favorite music…what?
  16. Painter is more stable than ever.
  17. Painter is faster than ever.

I am sure I have forgotten something, but those are the major features.  BTW, I can’t test it myself, but others have and Painter 2016 works well with Windows 10.

Weathered, Corel Painter 2016, watercolor particles, dynamic speckle bristles, and impasto particles.  So much fun.

Weathered, Corel Painter 2016, watercolor particles, dynamic speckle bristles, and impasto particles. So much fun.

As with earlier versions, I am offering a class exploring all new features in Corel Painter 2016.  Registration for Registration Corel Painter 2016, starts today, Aug 10, 2015, at the Digital Art Academy.  Class begins, Aug 15, 2015.  I cover each new feature in-depth, but I did something different with this class.  Because there is the new shift start and it is easier than ever to import workspaces from earlier versions, I started with a complete clean Painter 2016 and show you how to build or customize your Painter to use your work flow.  Join the class and develop your Painter workspace and learn all about the new features in the process.  It will be fun, I promise.

Here is a teaser video showing a little bit about Dynamic Speckle Bristle brush technology.

Download the free 30 day trial of Painter 2016.

Registration for Corel Painter 2016 – New Horizons class.  Class begins Aug 15, 2015.

Hope to see you in class!





27 responses to “Corel Painter 2016 Launches Today…New Class, Corel Painter 2016-New Horizons

  1. Thanx Skip, Looks amazing!! Cant wait to get 2016!!! I appreciate your information as I also have an Alienware computer……love it so much, my baby…the only thing i need to get when i can is a Cintiq, using a Yinova 24inch which i bought 2nd hand so cheap….so cant complain….it does the job!! Just dying to try out the cintiq features & the art pen!!! Is it worth while or is the normal grip pen just as good? Anyway….thank you im a fan & look forward to your 2016 class….just looking at registering now….perfect timing as im just getting out of hospital tom after having surgery recently…. 


    Michelle Webb Lion ‘Art  

    Sent from myMail for iOS

    Monday, 10 August 2015 10:31 pm +1000 from Skip Allen Paints : >Skip Allen posted: “Hello Everybody,

    I am so excited.  Download your free trial copy of Painter 2016.


    Yes it is that time again; Corel released a new version of Painter.    I think you will want Painter 2016; it is the best version I have seen to date.  I h” >

    • I love the art pen. I use it exclusively, but it is only useful with certain things. Search for Art Pen on the blog and you will find videos about it. Enjoy

  2. Good Luck Skip.

    I for one will not be upgrading until the upgrade price, currently at $229 falls below $100 like it did for CP 2015.

    Upgrade features do not justify doing so at present!

    FYI Painter 2015 was a year ago.

    • Thanks Steve,
      Yes, I don’t know, but it does look like we might expect an upgrade annually. I haven’t heard about any discounts, but one friend did say that she called Corel and asked for a better price and got it. I don’t know if that is possible for everyone or not. But, you may want to give them a call and ask. I have heard that folks are not thinking the upgrade features are enough to warrant a new release. I can understand that. But for me, the new release is feature reach, but then I love brush technology and this painter has a lot of new brush stuff going on. I think most folks are really going to love the enhanced blending, too. But as you said, upgrade features do not justify upgrading at present for you. I understand that completely. Enjoy, Skip

    • Hey Steve, I have heard from some folks that they have received an email from Corel stating that they qualify for the 99 upgrade. If you have Painter 2015, I bet you will receive the notification. Let me know if you do.

      • Thanks Skip,

        I got their offer. Why the marketing geniuses at Corel can’t co-ordinate
        their announcements and offers makes me scratch my head. Additionally every week they have continually discount their product prices.

        Their website is a navigational disaster.

        Sitting on the fence as to upgrading.

        Perhaps it will be under $60 on Black Friday 😊

        • LOL…maybe, Black Friday brings many surprises, but I doubt it. I really think this will be the best price and I think it is fair, too. But, it is your decision to decide if the upgrade is worth it to you. Be careful on that fence…;)

  3. A $229 pricetag for a few shiny things, and some squigly things made with my voice. Just what the art world has been waiting for….not.
    As someboby who has upgraded every yeay since Painter X I have seen less value for money every year. This sap has had enough.

    Time to up your game Corel.

    • Hi Alex,
      I chuckled at the comment about squiggly things made with your voice. Those can be made for sure and I didn’t find them very useful either. I did try to do something serious using color expression to change the color of the brush strokes. I would need a lot of practice that is for sure, but it was an interesting exercise. I suspect that it will be very exciting with performance art.
      BTW, as far as I know, no one from Corel reads my blog. If you want to express your dissatisfaction, and I think you should if you are unhappy with Corel, you will get their ear at Painter Factory. It is the best place to be heard. Good luck, Skip

    • Hey Alex, I just heard from someone who got an email from Corel offering the upgrade at $99. If you have a registered copy of Painter 2015, I bet you will get the offer, too.

  4. I downloaded the trial version of Painter 2016 twice today. Neither time was successful. It asked me to register and acknowledged receipt in my email. Each time I got a blank screen. I called Corel regarding this and was told that the trial version had a glitch and cannot be opened at this time. They hope to have it available by 31 Aug. I am using a PC with windows 10 but the man I talked to didn’t ask which platform.

  5. Thanks for the heads up Skip!
    I would like to see Painter incorporate some of the watercolour features of Rebelle. I find the Rebelle WC tools are very easy to use and perfect for some of the work I want to do. I can’t seem to match the ease and output in Painter 15 with anywhere near the same amount of effort. Comment?

    • Hey Wardie, that would be terrific. I will say though, that I am finding I really like using particles with watercolor in Painter 2016. But, you are right it does take a little more effort in Painter. I like Moxi, too. But it seemed to disappear and has resurfaced as Expresii. Check them out. I especially love where Expresii is going. I want that program when it comes out. I like Rebelle, but it doesn’t do what I want…LOL.

        • Hi Edie,
          Not that it matters, but it will make it easier to find help about it…the name is Temporal Color Palette. It’s can be called up using Ctrl + Alt + 1 for a PC and Cmd + Opt + 1 for a Mac. Hope that helps, Skip

  6. Tons of potential in 2016, Skip, and thanks for the heads-up on the best bits here. I’m still laughing about the Audio Expression Controls for brushes.. Someone was clearly smoking or drinking some strong stuff the night they thought of that.. but I won’t be able to resist playing with it. I’m hoping for Facial Expression Expression Controls in 2017… I could really use that sometimes! Seriously though, the new dab types are a huge leap forward in terms of truly responsive natural media brushes, and I can’t wai to get my hands dirty with them… I also love, love, love the Export As Box… that’s a fantastic advance! It always amuses me that these upgrades cause so much controversy… I upgrade if I think it’s worth it, and if I want to… not just because there is an upgrade available… I’m under no obligation! In the same way, I upgrade my car (motorcycle in my case) when I want to, not just because Honda bring out a new model! If Honda were to tell me that my current motorcycle would stop working if I didn’t buy the new model, then I’d complain… but that’s not the case! 😉 I’ll see you in class, young Sir!

    • Hey Tim,
      So good to hear from you. Yes, I agree…the potential is very real in this version. I am beside myself with glee about the “Export as a Box” feature. It is going to make sharing brushes between all of us so easy. The box can get large, but doesn’t have to be, which means folks can share them through emails. I am also excited about the new brush technology. I’m currently working on updating Bristly Dabs and Buttery Oils. How does Buttery Particles sound. 😉 The fact that you can change the particle size with any expression and add impasto to it, is way too much fun.
      Love your comments on the upgrade. It really is a personal decision and no one is obligated to upgrade. I just got a note that someone has received an email from Corel offering a $99. upgrade. I think if you have a registered copy of 2015 folks will get an upgrade offer of $99.00.
      Can’t wait for class to start. Talk more then, Skip

  7. Hi Skip! I think that the ability to rotate papers and to blend without pulling in white pixels is worth the $99 price. Unfortunately, I am going to have to force myself to upgrade my OS before I can run the program. I have been so happy with my OSX Lion that I never got Mavericks, and now I must move to Yosemite. Sigh….I am so afraid to make the change, for fear that some of my software will not be compatible. So, I may not get to join the class from the beginning. I hope that I can join later (late next week) and catch up. Do you think that will be possible?

    • Hi Candace,
      You shouldn’t have any problems catching up. You know me…the class will probably go on forever…LOL. And, if you remember last time, I think I did an extra 25 or so videos. Anyway, you shouldn’t have any problems. Good luck with your updates. I know it can be stressful. I hope you have a smoother time than I did with Windows.

    • You will be fine. And, I usually leave the classroom open and monitored for several weeks after the finish date. We have had a number of late registrants, so you are not alone.
      Thanks for joining the class,

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