Recorded Live Stream Watercolor Demo from Aaron and Me Is Available

Hello Everyone,

If you want to watch the watercolor demo Aaron and I did yesterday, it is now available on You Tube to watch.  As promised during the session, I have put together the brushes, papers, and the scripts I used in the demo.  These tools are for Painter 2016.  I’m sorry, but some of the stuff uses newer technology found in Painter 2016 and will not work in earlier versions.  Please do not try to install in earlier versions of Painter.

Watercolor Demo Tools

To watch the recording, click the following video.  You can use the icons at the bottom to expand the videos size or go to You Tube to watch.  I’m still trying to figure out how to put it on my You Tube Channel.  I hope you enjoy it.


This is the watercolor I painted during the demonstration:

Watercolor Flowers, Corel Painter 2016, Watercolor Live Streaming Demo

Watercolor Flowers, Corel Painter 2016, Watercolor Live Streaming Demo


Thank you, Aaron for inviting me.  I enjoyed the live streaming process and hope to do it again soon.  And a big thank you to all who attended.




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  1. Gorgeous painting, Skip. I’m sorry I missed the live session yesterday. I’ll have to catch the video up at You Tube. Wow, what a great collection of brushes. Thank you. I figured there would be a few. You gave us a ton! Maybe this will be what I need to get out of my painting funk. I seem to be under the impression I am the world’s worst painter, and I can’t do anything. I know these things pass, but yuck.

    • I’ve been there Kerry. I know what you mean about a painting funk. Friends tell me to just paint through it; I am sure they are right, but it isn’t any fun. Yes, it passes, but knowing that doesn’t seem to help. When I am in it, I can’t see the light at the end…so naturally I assume it will last forever. But…it has always ended. Sometimes it ends when a friend makes a comment like the beginning of your comment. You said you liked my painting…that always makes me feel good. I hope your funk ends soon. Big Hugs, Skip

  2. I just bought a macro for my iPhone. It’s from Olloclip. I highly recommend it. It has 7x, 14 x and 21x. This latest one has new technology from Olloclip. I can give you names of friends who are very accomplished with it on Instagram if you want to see how well it works. To my eye, it’s hard to tell the difference between the Olloclip and a macro lens on a DSLR. In fact, one friend prefers her Olloclip for certain shooting situations over her DSLR. Me, I’m not so accomplished yet. This takes lots of practice. But I’m having a blast!

  3. Hi Skip I really enjoyed the live steam, I also received an email for the brushes they are great. I love watching you it’s so relaxing. You make it look so easy and the flowers are beautiful. Thanks so much!

  4. No no! It only felt like an hour the time flew by. I’m in Canada so it was afternoon for me. Never shut up never never! Lol!

  5. Could you please send the demo in a file that android understands.No matter how i tried, could not get video to play.

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Tablet

  6. Hi Skip
    Really enjoyed the live session! I am currently working hard at watercolor and this really helped. The roses are just fantastic. The brushes are wonderful. Love watercolor and hope to improve. Waiting for more classes I especially love the floral watercolor.

  7. My goodness I can finally comment here, I went into Word Press and tried again this time it worked fine.

  8. Skip and Aaron, I enjoyed your live video very much and learned so many things. Really looking forward to your “goodies” Skip!! You are always so generous with your talents!! Thank you!!

    • Hey Betty,
      Glad you enjoyed the recording. The “goodies” are already posted. Look for Watercolor Demo Tools in this post and click it. Then save the download and unzip.

  9. Skip I enjoyed your WC webinar with Aaron…painting and conversation is ticketeeboo.
    Wanted to suggest that after you finish your Tibor Nagy brush set, then paint some of the ruins of Detroit (re: google images “ruins of Detroit”).
    Then when you teach a “Nagy does Detroit” master class, I’ll be the first to sign on. (grin) –Marg

    • Thanks Marg, Loved the post. I will remember that when I finish the brushes. Sorry for the late reply, my sister fell and developed a large hematoma on the left side of her brain which required a crainiotomy. She is finally out of ICU and on the floor, but there are still issues. I am not able to get on the computer much right now.


  10. I finally got to watch it Skip and loved seeing your techniques and how you use those seemingly complicated W/C settings in Painter. As always you line work is elegant. Thanks so much for doing videos like this……Emms

  11. Thanks again Skip! So many brushes! It will take some time to sort them out..
    and of course the papers, always welcome but cant find the one you are using on top, in the video?
    Thanks again Skip! 🙂

  12. Hi Skip
    I just found your wonderfull downloadable brushes etc. Is there any tutorial how to install them properly? What is the difference between the category the library and the zip file?

    • Hello,
      If you will search for Brush Management in the search box in the title bar of the blog, you will find several tutorials about installation of brushes. The zip files would be used by older painter versions…prior to Painter 12. The category file will install into you currently selected brush library, and it is the one most people want. The library file will create a new library containing only that category. Hope that helps, if you still need information, just holler back. Skip

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