New Wacom Tablet Drivers Released 7/27/2016

Hello Everyone,

Wacom released new drivers for its Cintiq, Intuos Pro, and Intuos (new name for Bamboo) products.  The drivers are for the latest products.  I looked where Wacom keeps its legacy drivers for the older products and I didn’t see any new drivers.

But, I am currently in Mississippi because my sister is ill and I am helping with her care.  I brought my older Alienware Aurora 4 and my Intuos 5 Touch with me.  My Cintiq and Alienware Area 51 are still in Georgia.  I wanted to update my Intuos 5 Touch because the older drivers for an Intuos 5 still use the radial menu technology and not the newer On-Screen Controls.  Of course I worried, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try.  The new driver is working well, so far.  I prefer it to the older drivers because I use the On-Screen Controls with the Cintiq, and I wanted to use a similar format with the Intuos 5 Touch.

Before I go any further…if I had an Intuos 5 or earlier version without “Touch,” I would not have used the newer driver.  This is pure speculation on my part, but I think if your product doesn’t support touch, then the newer drivers will give you problems.  As many of you tell me, if your product is working fine, then you probably do not need to update to the latest driver.

OK, this is how I updated my driver and I think it is a good method.

  1. I opened my Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility (it is similarly named for Macs, but it isn’t exactly the same name), and backed up my settings.  You can do the same with the Wacom Desktop Center
  2. I disconnected my Wacom Tablet from the computer.  If you are using a Cintiq, you only need to disconnect the tablet part, which is usually connected via a USB port on your computer.
  3. I completely uninstalled the current Wacom Driver.
  4. I rebooted.
  5. I downloaded the latest driver from Wacom.
  6. I installed the Driver
  7. I rebooted
  8. I reconnected my Intuos 5 Touch
  9. I opened my Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility and restored my settings

And I am back in business.

Hope this post helps,


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      • Thanks…I have heard from another who also used the Wacom Desktop Center to update their iMac. I have before with my Cintiq on my PC, also with good results. But, I also know the completely manual method works, too. I went the manual method because I wasn’t sure that the Touch would work with the Intuos Pro’s driver. But apparently it does.

        Also, thanks for the good brother comment. I keep telling her that she is shaky ground. 😉

  1. Thanks so much for the heads up Skipper. I’m sending good wishes for your Sis and for you as well. Everyone woman should have a brother the likes of you! For sure!

  2. Thank you Skip, for keeping us in the know! I actually lost like three days last week troubleshooting this very problem. I reached out to Aaron to no avail, I guess I should have included you on my email 😐 Once I called wacom they assured me that I can use the latest driver even though my into us 5 model # was not listed as compatible. I think the tech said that they would be adjusting the website to include intous5 Ok. Well, just wanted to say thank you for your updates! Nancy

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    • Hi Nancy,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It is good to know that Wacom will update the website to include the other products that can use the drivers. Quite some time ago, Wacom support told me that every new driver was compatible with every older product and at the time it was true. But somewhere along the way it changed. I was pretty sure the Intuos 5 Touch would work because it is so similar to the Intuos Pro, but I wasn’t sure about an Intuos 5 without touch. Does your Intuos 5 have touch?
      Thanks again for you comment,

  3. Hi Skip! I just wanted to say, last year I bought a used Intuos 5, and I kept thinking I was supposed to use a legacy driver, but they weren’t updated for windows 10, so I contacted Wacom about this, and they informed me I should always use the latest Intuos pro Driver. Here is what Wacom support wrote to me; “The professional driver is for the Intuos 3, 4, 5, Pro, most of the cintiqs, and the more casual Intuos 2015 tablets. It’s a versatile piece of software and it’s pretty impressive in my opinion.”
    It kind of makes me wonder why they even bother with Legacy drivers, but either way, I’ve had no problems with any of the drivers.

    • Hi Wynnie,
      I believe you are correct and I mentioned in another comment that I thought that the newer drivers worked for all products at one time, but it seemed to have changed. I based that on hearing from a lot of people who were having trouble with the newer drivers on older products. I think I understand why now…and I will do a video and post about how to determine which driver to use for what product.Basically, if you keep your OS updated, then you will use the latest driver. Thanks for your comment; it has helped sort out this issue.

  4. I skip! I just bought a new Wacom Pro touch and it works very well with the new drivers 🙂 But one thing I miss is the ability to zoom direct to where my brush is, now when I use zoom I have to scroll to find it… This worked very well in PS before :-/ But the new touch pad was a big improvement!


    • Hi Kenneth,
      I am glad you like the Intuos Pro Touch. I hardly use PS, so I am unaware of how zoom worked before. With Painter, the magnifier tool zooms to the place you click with the magnifier tool. The same thing happens with Photoshop CC…the zoom tool zooms in or out to the place you click with the zoom tool. You could program your Wacom with the shortcut key z for zoom and have a key for Alt as well. That way you could activate the zoom tool from your tablet and zoom in or out to where the zoom tool is located on the document. Sorry, I really am not that familiar with Photoshop, but I bet if you post a comment on a Photoshop forum you will get an answer. I don’t believe it is something that Wacom has changed, I think it is something that Photoshop changed…but I am guessing.

      • Thanks Skip! 🙂
        I have been used to use the zoom-wheel and in Ps it always brought me right where my brush is but not now any more and my Ps is still CC 2014 so I don’t think that has changed.. But I will take your advice and start using the magnifier tool even get a shortcut on my Wacom! It is always important to been able to zoom in and out in a smooth way, I think for most artists!
        Thanks again! 🙂

        • Thanks Kenneth…
          Hmmm…well you are probably correct…but I don’t remember how the touch ring worked in earlier versions of PS or Painter for that matter. For both products it zooms from the middle currently. It would be interesting to research the history…well maybe not…:) Hey, just thought of something. Since I don’t have the earlier version, I cannot test this, but you have three options for zooming with the touch ring. You can use the default, which is Auto Scroll/Zoom, or you can use Zoom. Does Zoom give you a different result than Auto Scroll/Zoom? If they are the same, try using keystroke and put in the right and left brackets. Let me know if that makes any difference.
          Have fun today…

          • Hi again Skip and thanks for reply!
            I have tested the options but I think they are either for scrolling or zooming, as you can do both with the touch wheel.. I have now set a shortcut to my Wacom but it brings me to the centre of the image, well I know its a small problem 🙂 But time-saving! I can have a look at some Ps. forums.. and one funny thing is we don’t have bracket key on Swedish keyboards 🙂 Took me some time to find out.. But luckily its quite easy to change in settings nowadays 🙂


            • Gosh…it is so difficult when we run into language and country problems. Do you know how to set up your on-screen controls (old radial menu). If you put the zoom tool, or any command actually, it can be set to open at the cursor location. I have all of my stuff opening at the cursor location. I have some videos about on screen controls and radial menus on the blog. The most comprehensive is back in 2015 when I set my Cintiq up with Wacom, but it is talking about the old radial menu and it has changed to on screen controls. I do have a video about on screen controls and how to use with multiple applications. It may give you all you need to set up your on screen controls. I’m not sure…I haven’t looked at them since I made them and I don’t remember what I talked about. If you can’t find it or it doesn’t make any sense let me know.

              • So you managed to open your zoom in the courser location! 🙂 even in Painter?!
                No I don’t know how to set up the radial menu but I’ve seen you use it in your videos! (Looks very useful!) I will have a look at your videos tomorrow, also Wacom seems to have same drivers for Europe and Us, not like before 🙂

                • Yes…Photoshop’s zoom tool and Painter’s Magnifier both found in the tool box become the cursor so that when you click it, the zoom starts where you place the tool and click. But you have to move to the toolbox to select it. Or, you can use the shortcut key to select, Z for PS and M for Painter. If you assign it to the radial menu, you can have the radial menu open at your cursor location, so you can then grab the tool from the radial menu at the point you want to zoom. You have to retrain yourself to use the radial menu, but once I got used to it…I never went back.

                  • I think I got it set up right now!
                    Now I just have to learn how to use it! 🙂
                    I watched your videos from painter 2015 but I think the basic is the same
                    Thanks again Skip master!!!

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