Corel Painter 2019 Is Here; Registration is Open for A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019

Hello Friends,

Corel officially announced Painter 2019 today and of course, I have a new class showing you the bells and whistles of the new Painter 2019.  I call the class A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019.  Register for A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019.  As usual, I offer the class at the Digital Art Academy and you can find the other course offerings here: DAA Courses.   You can buy or download your free trial, here:  Corel Painter 2019.

This year I decided to do something completely different with the class.  I am offering a “two-for.”  What?

In my dictionary, a “two-for” is two classes in one.  That’s right?  This class will be the usual “What’s New in Painter” class, but I am also adding a beginner’s class, too.  I can hear the intermediate and advanced Painter users lamenting, “But I don’t need a beginner’s class; I’m not getting a two-for class.”  Technically, you are right, sort of.  You are right if you know Painter upstairs and downstairs…every nuisance of the various commands, but do you?  I know I don’t.  I am constantly going back and re-leaning stuff.  Each time I review some function I haven’t used in a while, I think of something new that might be fun to explore with a “Fresh Start.”  Get it…A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019.

So, how does this new concept work.  Well, there are two separate classes, each with four sessions.  New To Painter, NTP, is for the beginners, and Fresh Start, FS, is for intermediate and advanced users.  If you consider yourself someone new to Painter, then start with Session 1 of NTP…and follow to Session 2, 3, and 4 of the NTP class.  Once finished with Session 4, NTP, then the beginner goes to Session 1, FS, and completes the 4 sessions for FS…thus completing all 8 Sessions.

The intermediate and advanced users start with Session 1, FS.  And, if the student knows everything to know about Painter, then after Session 1, FS, move on to Session 2, FS.  But, and I suspect this but is true for most of us, if you could use a little refresher here and there, then after Session 1, FS, you will go to Session 1, NTP.  I’m not expecting you to take Session 1, NTP, the same way someone new to Painter did…no…I am going to give you a special challenge with the material in the various NTP Sessions.  For instance, let’s say I talk about auto-painting in Session 1, NTP.  Most intermediate and advanced users, might have tried auto-painting a couple of times, but moved on quickly to other parts of Painter.  I am guessing, that we…I’m included…didn’t learn a great deal about the various functions of auto-painting when we first explored it.  In this class, I am going to go into depth with various features and ask you to revisit the feature and find ways to use the feature creatively.  In other words, intermediate and advanced users will complete Session 1, FS, and then move on to Session 1, NTP, as an advanced users, reviewing with skills developed as a long time user of Painter.  I promise, to show you some new tricks that are useful.  Therefore, the intermediate and advanced user will complete all 8 sessions, too.

Check out these two images.  I created them using auto-painting only.  After I made them, I created papers, flow maps and patterns with them.  I made them about 5 years ago, and recently I had to relearn how to do it.  It is necessary for me to revisit sections of Painter from time to time, or I forget how to use them.  I suspect you are the same…I designed the class for us to revisit stuff long ago abandoned.

Auto-painted Texture

Auto-Painted Texture 2

Of course the class covers all the new features of Corel Painter 2019.  I am very excited about the new user interface; I think you will like it, too.  There are 36 new brush variants.  Using these 36 variants, I created a mini-brush making class.  Included are new pattern pen variants.  I enjoy playing with pattern pens.  Check out these two images done with pattern pens.  Can you see evidence of pattern pens in the images?

Fun Play, Pattern Pen Flower

Abstract Red Landscape using Corel Painter Pattern Pens.

There is so much more to tell you, so what are you waiting for.  Register for A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019.  It is a steal at $55.00 US.

Be sure to check other classes available at the Digital Art Academy…All Courses.  And Corel Painter 2019 is here: Corel Painter 2019.





9 responses to “Corel Painter 2019 Is Here; Registration is Open for A Fresh Start, the New Painter 2019

    • Hi, I’m not sure what you are asking…by update, do you mean an upgrade? If so, go to the site and you will see the word Full with a drop down arrow next to it. Click on the arrow and you have the option to choose upgrade. Click it and you should be good to go. If you are a previous Corel users, when you open your latest version of Painter, the Welcome Window will give you a special price for the upgrade. If you don’t have a welcome…go to Help > Welcome and that will open the Welcome for you…then look for your special price. I’m not sure how far back this goes…I just know I have seen it when I open up my painter. Enjoy, Skip

  1. I saw where someone posted that Corel is going to go the same format at Adobe with a monthly fee. If I get the 2019 upgrade will I have to join and pay monthly for the software?

    • Hi Kathi, I have not heard anything about Corel going to the monthly fee option. If you buy now, you are not going to go to a monthly fee…it will be the same as before. If down the line, Corel goes to a monthly fee, it will be with a later version…not this one. Enjoy, skip

  2. Hi Skip, I know there are many things I don’t know about Painter. Last year I got totally humiliated when I told somebody “oh that doesn’t exist” only to have you come in and tell the guy where it was. That permanently ended my days of giving out information on Painter. There are some things I NEVER want to learn about in Painter. Like audio brushes. But I also thought I never wanted to learn cloning until last year. So, never say never. I don’t think I want to learn auto painting, but I’ll stay open minded. One never knows. This class looks fabulous. I love what I’m seeing so far in 2019 and I look forward to your class on 2019.

    • OMGosh Kerry…I didn’t mean to humiliate you…if I did I am so sorry. None of us know all there is to know about Painter. I tell the story about saying to a class that you couldn’t make a change in Applied lighting to have a student respond, but you told us how to do it a couple of weeks ago. What? I went back and looked at the video and sure enough I was explaining exactly what I said couldn’t be done…sigh. I am constantly re-learning stuff. Keep sharing and don’t worry about it. As for auto-painting…it is a very small part of the class and you don’t have to review it. I was using that as an example of something that we think we don’t need, and we may not. But reviewing it again…or even for the first time, may show us something that we see could be useful. I’m glad you are keeping an open mind…and I look forward to seeing you in the class. Thanks bunches for your continued support!!!

  3. Skip, If I took the class would I be able to adapt some of the beginner class to Painter 2018? I love your classes and don’t care if I am not able to do a lot of the Painter 2019 stuff right now. I am planning to upgrade to a new computer in Feb 2019.

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