Free Thick Paint Brushes; New Papers Available for Corel Painter

Hello Everyone,

I finally have my new category of brushes finished.  I call them Skip’s Best Thick Paints, and I believe they are my best thick paints.  I wanted a set that included stiff bristles and palette knives.  I also wanted to create a set that would work well with a new set of papers I designed and offered by Corel called Dynamic Papers.  You can get the papers by opening Painter, then go to Help > Welcome > Get More > Dynamic Papers.  There is another set available called Natural Papers that look mighty good, too.

The following videos will tell you about the brushes, papers, and a paper script library that can be downloaded .

The previous post shows some examples of work done with the new variants.  This is a work in progress, but will show you how nice the textures can look with these variants and papers.

Work In Progress, Corel Painter 2019, Watercolor and Thick Paint Variants, and Dramatic Papers

You can download the brushes at following link:

Skip’s Best Thick Paint

You can download the Paper Script Library at following link:

Paper Scripts-1

I hope you enjoy the brushes.  I think they are some of my bests.  If you do like them and find they are useful…consider making a donation.  Thank you bunches.  Skip

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  1. Thank you ever so much for your continued generosity, Skip! Glad to see that you are posting here again!

  2. just wanted to drop a line to say


    for all you do for us

    I absolutely LOVE all your abstract nature art


    THAT is the stuff I want to learn to do!!

    you’re awesome


  3. Dear Skip:     Can you give me a simplifed way I can see and purchase your art.  I am an oil painter, and I would love to learn what your art is about.  Thanks, Sandy Lillis, a friend of our mutual friend Ruth.

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    • Hi Sandy, Currently I don’t sell my work…I know that sounds crazy, but I just don’t want the hassle. 🙂 I post work here on this blog. If you look at the top of the page, you will see a bunch of pages…and there are two galleries listed. Watercolor gallery and mixed media gallery. Just click on either and that gallery will open and you can see the work
      I am a digital painter, meaning that I paint using Corel Painter Software. It emulates traditional media. In this post, there are four videos. Watch the ones about brushes and you will see how the paint is applied in the computer. I hope this helps. If you need more info, message me and I’ll give you more information. Enjoy, Skip

  4. You are not only super knowledgeable, an amazing artist, an inspiration to me and many others – you are also extremely creative and generous. Thanks Skip!

  5. Hi Skip, I had a chance to play with these brushes this morning. I just wanted to tell you that I really love them. They will definitely be in my library of keepers. Thank you again so much for sharing these. 💘

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am liking these variants a lot, too and hope they will be popular. Do post something you did with them…I would love to see it. Thanks again!!!

  6. We have loved to try the new papers from Corel but they are presently NOT AVaILABLE to purchase. I was also unable to upload your scripts. They downloaded but I cannot use them.


    • Hi Carolyn, the papers are temporarily down. There was a glitch in the download process For Mac users and Corel is currently fixing it. The scripts do work. Have you looked at the first video? Near the end I explain how to install and use them. If you are unfamiliar with scripts, the video will help. If you are familiar and you still think the scripts are at fault, please write back and give me a detailed list of what you did to download, save, and install the scripts. Then tell me what you are doing to activate the script. That is the only way I can help…just saying they do not work doesn’t help me find the issue. So please provide me with more details. Thank you very much.

  7. I can not wait to upgrade to Painter 19 so I can utilize these beautiful brushes. These look wonderful! You are so creative and helpful. Thank you.

  8. I was wondering Skip since I have Painter 2015, if I could in the saving of the scriptlibrary file for the paper, save it as a paperlibrary file? You know change the file name. Would I be able to use it, you think? I love what you are doing in painter and I hope the best for you.
    Thanks, Linda Foote

    • Hi Linda, You do not want to change the scriptlibrary to a paperlibrary…they are two different things entirely. I don’t think scripts have changed since Painter 2015, so you should be able to install the scripts library into Painter 2015 via the Scripts panel. But, I do not have painter 2015 installed anymore, so I cannot check it. It would be best to upgrade to Painter 2019.

  9. I can’t believe I finally am getting in here to try those BEST new thick paint brushes! Thank you Skip, you truly are a gift! And thank you for being who you were meant to be, if that sounds a bit corny, sorry. LOL See ya in the DAA…. : )

  10. Sure miss your posts Skip. Hope your sister is doing better and hope to see your next painter 2020 course.

  11. Skip, thank you so much for those fantastic brushes and scripts! I’m really into papers and textures and I will purchase your papers from Corel! They look absolutely delicious! 😉 I was wondering if you could give me some pointers as to how you went about creating these papers…Did you start from a texture captured with a digital camera and subsequent manipulations in Photoshop? Or are these entirely created “by hand”? Thanks again for your generous support of the Painter community! I’m also enjoying your new Speed of Light course very much! 🙂

    • Hi, I am glad that you like the papers. I created them in Painter; I rarely use Photoshop for anything other than straight photography. Only one of the papers started with a photograph of a piece of canvas and then was manipulated in Painter. The rest were from scratch. I did 13 videos for Corel about making Papers. It covers everything I could think of with paper making. You can find it here: Using and making papers in Painter Hope this helps. I am really glad you are enjoying Painter 2020, “the speed of light”

  12. Hi,

    Im having trouble downloading paper scripts and thick paint brushes to painter 2020. they wont seem to load into the program. Futhermore, could i have link to your all your most recent brushes, youre artwork and brushes are incredible.

    thank you,


    • Hi Rhys,

      To load the scripts, you download them to some place on your computer. Then open Painter 2020 and go to Window > Scripts > and when the Scripts panel opens, go to the option button in the upper right corner and click it. A drop down list will open, look near the bottom for Import Scripts Library. Select that one and then in the import window navigate to where you saved the scripts…select it and click open. That should do it.

      For the thick paint brushes, download the brush category from the blog and save it. Open Painter 2020, Go to Brushes > Import > Brush Category and click it. In the import window, navigate to your downloaded file and select it and click OK. The brush category will be installed in the currently opened brush library.

      As for links…if you go to the banner on the blog, there is a placed you can search. Type in Brush or variant and you will probably find all the brushes. Also, Look up to the top of the blog and you will see a lot of links for pages. A lot of the brush downloads will be in those links…enjoy, Skip

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