Corel Painter 2023 Released in June

Corel Painter 2023 was released in June. Do you have your copy yet? Download your copy here!

It’s been a year since I last posted. Since April 2021, my life was difficult, but I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. I have been on sabbatical from Corel Painter, classes, and everything else. I am still on sabbatical, but I am gradually returning to life as normal.

As you know, I usually offer a class on the new Painter every year, but not this year. However, I do want to share what I know about the new version…or at least how I learn a new version of painter. This entry as well as the next few will focus on what I do to learn a new version of Corel Painter. I hope you enjoy the videos and if they are useful, please like them on You Tube and subscribe here and You Tube. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. And if the videos are especially useful, consider hitting the donation button.

I am dividing the information into series. The first series concerns opening painter for the first time and creating new workspaces and layouts. The following two suggestions are highly recommended:

  1. Before you open Painter for the first time, hold down the shift key and then open painter with the shift key activated. This is called a Shift Start and gives you an opportunity to set all workspaces back to the factory default settings. Then make sure you do not have anything open in the background before you run Painter’s brush performance accelerator.
  2. Create a workspace and layout from scratch. Yes, you can still import a workspace from an older version, but the possibility of a glitch happening is very high. The versions are more and more complex. Taking an hour or two and creating a new workspace is a very good idea.

If you are familiar with Painter’s workspaces and layouts, then feel free to skip this first series of videos. However, you may find the review useful. I will Shift Start, run the brush performance accelerator, and create a new workspace and layout from scratch. Enjoy the videos, Skip

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, The Setup

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

Corel Painter 2023, Series One, the setup continued

OK…that’s all there is to setting up Corel Painter 2023. I hope you enjoyed the videos.


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  1. Hi Skip,

    Sorry to hear your year has been difficult. I hope you are ready to get back to normality soon.

    Thanks for the updates, I will be sure to check it out, I have considered the updated program so I will have a look at your YouTube channel.

    Incidentally do all your watercolour brushes work on the new release? I have never found brushes anything as good as yours, in any of the programs I use (procreate and photoshop as well as the trusted Corel Painter). They certainly are the most natural in their functionality and appearance.

    Best wishes


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  2. Skip, so nice to hear from you. Hope your health and life are getting better. Best wishes and Happy USA National Day, July 4, 2022 and Greetings from Canada

  3. Thank you Skip. Best wishes to you . . . that this year will continue to get better for you. For those of us in the Painter world, you are a Shining Star; a Beacon.

  4. Thank you Skip. Hopefully, the “light at the end of the tunnel” you’re experiencing will continue to brighten, and your past year will become a mere memory. Thank you for the many years you’ve been a Shining Star, a Beacon, to all of us lovers of Painter.
    — David R. Purnell

  5. Hello dear Skip,
    It is so good to hear you are starting to step back into the ‘normal’ again. You are a special light and gift to so many, you have been missed.
    What a great gift these videos are, thank you!!
    Keep well.
    Amina S-C

  6. Hi Skip, I keep trying to ask this, but it doesn’t show up. I’ll try again. I’m so glad to see you doing videos again. It’s been a long night for you. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a train. That’s what they used to tell me. I have a question. Why do you turn your palette into a palette drawer? What magic happens when you do that? Thanks.

  7. So good to hear you are up and creating again Skip. I an totally taken aback you have offered up so much to us at no cost. You always over-deliver, without question. These past 2 years have taken so much from so many. It is wonderful to know you are creating again, and in such a big way for us all here. My losses have rendered me pretty much incapable of painting due to lack of the internal resources drained away. But I hope to be one who is helped and encouraged and inspired by your videos. Thank you for doing this for us.

    • I am so sorry for your losses, Betty. It is hard to bounce back. Life goes on in spite of how I feel. I take it step by step, which is why I named this series Corel Painter 2023, Step by Step.

  8. Hi Skip, I’m delighted to see you’re back. Thanks a million for your efforts in introducing us to the new version of Painter. Take care of yourself.

  9. Hi Skip, So nice to see you again and hearing your voice. Why do you think this new version 2023 is a must to upgrade? I don’t see much in this version that will improve our painting. Sometimes we spend more times getting used to the new features then painting. I am also not fan of annual plans upgrade more than the old $99.00 I have upgraded since the old 2012 version but I am hesitating to this new version. I would appreciate your opinion.

    • Hey Rouben, Thanks for the question. It is a little premature for me to answer because I have not finished going through the new version. I will come back and give my opinion after I have had a chance to do some painting myself. That being said, the decision to upgrade is always personal. New features are good for some folks and not for others. I do not know if the new features will be something useful to you or not. If you do not think so, then I would agree that upgrading might be better with a later version. I personally like to upgrade and look for ways I can use the new features in my work. I really love trying to find ways to use something that is foreign to my workflow. I am also technically oriented and like learning the new stuff. That is a good reason for me to upgrade but not others. It really is personal. I hope this helps for now. I’ll come back later. If I forget, please remind me. Skip

      • Thank you Skip taking the time responding promptly. You’re the best in teaching honestly. I do understand the joy of discovering the new features of an update. I will probably update to the 2023 because I am curious and nothing to lose at my age. I really enjoyed your class of 2021 and 2022 just to keep up with the updates. i’ve been a retired architect for some time and enjoy painting and gardening. If you have time check my youtube video. “Simonian Gallery and Garden ” I would like to have your opinion. Sorry to hear that you went thru some difficult time and so glad that you are back and enjoy your passion of painting.

  10. Hey, Skip ~

    So very sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time. Sounds like you mean a more difficult time than most of us with Covid. I do hope the very best for you and yours.

    I left the digital world and embarked on learning to oil paint with traditional media. It is very satisfying. However, lately I’ve picked up some sketching apps and have been enjoying them.

    Take good care, Skip. If you every need a diversion, you can find my work here:

    Kind regards,


    Karen Burns


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