Continuing to Explore Watercolor in Painter 2023

This one is called “Almost Three.” I love working with the inky blacks, but lately I have been wanting to add color to the images. I add color and paint, but when nearly finished, I switch to adding color through various digital methods. I am also making some rice papers, which are not finished. When done, I will post an updatted version. Enjoy



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    • Hi Beth, Loved your website. I enjoyed looking at your watercolors, but I was really smitten with your sculptures. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. Enjoy, skip

      • Hi Skip,

        Thank you, I got burned out in painter and developed a frozen shoulder and decided to do the hands on stuff. I then graduated to clay an old time favorite. And started sculpting from my drawings! But now I want to put my drawings into painter and paint. I’m so afraid to open painter again it’s been years. I have 2012 version. I took one of your classes way back when it was the Digital Art Academy and I learned so much. Are you giving any private classes? Beth


  1. Hi Skip,thanks for all your great blog articles. They are fun to read while I’m doing all my custom stuff. Can’t wait to try some more tutorials when I get caught up.I thought I’d drop you a note, that you should check your blog roll links. I was trying to link to some of the other painter artists. some links are dead and one of the links went to a chinese porn. site, eek. I was trying to click links from my phone. hope this was helpful.MJ (another Painter feature artist!)


  2. Skip,

    I am very moved by your latest work that combines beautiful brushwork with color washes on a rice paper texture. It has such a wonderful soft but rich feel to it. (I especially loved your vertical piece of the waterfall) But the flowers and the landscapes are also enjoyable to behold. I hope you continue with these explorations (and continue to share them with us!) I am thinking of purchasing Painter 2023 because of what I see on your blog, although I know there is a steep learning curve ahead. I played around with Painter 12 many years ago but never really cared for the available watercolor paper textures, as they just looked too fake. Thank you so much for all of your efforts in mastering this program, Skip. Those efforts, combined with your natural artistic gifts, bring Painter to another level. I am so inspired and delighted by your beautiful work, and am grateful to be able to see what is possible with this program.

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