Rice Papers, Belated Valentine’s Gift for You!

Happy belated Valentine! I had planned to post this on Valentine’s Day. Oh well, win some lose some as they say.

I do have some papers and paper scripts to give you. The papers are rice papers and I love them. Have a look at a couple of them.

RP Wt. Strings Texture

RP Dark Texture

Here are a few examples of the images using the papers. Three iris on RP Dark Texture.

Abandoned on RP Granular

Banboo on RP Fabric Nap

Watch this video to learn about the papers and the Paper script library.

And this video is a demonstration of a painting using one of the papers.

And here are the downloads for paper and paper library. These files are zipped and will need to be unzipped before installation in Painter. Be aware that some browsers unzip automatically, and if that happens, you will not need to unzip a second time.

Well, that’s it. Hope you had a fun Valentine’s Day.


18 responses to “Rice Papers, Belated Valentine’s Gift for You!

  1. As always, your work is so beautiful. Hope you’re doing OK. Lots of hugs.

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  2. Skip
    Thanks … I was looking for a “different” texture for an idea I have. And it’s arrived.
    Valentines Day was “interesting” …. having a builder working in the house limits most functions including cooking.

    • Hey Terry…How are you. Hope all is well. Glad the paper will be helpful. I have heard it is very difficult to live in the house during repairs or remodeling. Just have a second Valentines Day. Skip

      • Hi Skip
        Yes I’m good.
        Still trying to make artwork.
        Still discovering things I can do that I thought I couldn’t.
        Still discovering there’s more to learn.
        Still hating Windows 11 more and more because I think it’s a poor friend for Painter and Essentials

  3. Thank you so much for these beautifully designed papers and the instructional videos, Skip. The textures are wonderful and can be used in so many ways to make a painting special, unique. I appreciate them so much, and I appreciate your endless generosity sharing your custom brushes and textures on the blog.

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