Paintings using Rice Paper and Watercolor in Corel Painter 2023

These are a couple of examples of watercolors done with Rice Paper in Corel Painter 2023. A couple were done while making the papers. First one is called Loose Arrangement and was the one done after papers were finished.

The next one is called Free Form and was done while perfecting the rice papers. I used watercolor and liquid ink.

The final one was also done while producing the papers. It is called Rice Paper Landscape.

I really enjoy watercolor in Corel Painter.


12 responses to “Paintings using Rice Paper and Watercolor in Corel Painter 2023

  1. I love these paintings Skip! I hope you keep doing them. They really do show off the Watercolour abilities in Painter. I hope I can learn to do them even half as well, especially the landscapes. I will watch/revisit your videos – thanks for sharing them.

  2. Very nice work Skip as usual. Watching your videos I’ve learned many technics in digital painting with Corel Painter.
    I was surprised to learn from you that Corel sold this software to Allido and don’t know what will happen to our existing annual subscription and future upgrades. Corel should have at least notified us of this chan

    • Thanks, Rouben! Good to hear from you. In the comments David mentioned that Corel hadn’t actually been sold, but it rebranded the Corel name to Alludo. So not a sale but a name change. I am taking David’s word for it; I really haven’t looked into it. I am guessing nothing is changing, but that is only a guess.

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