Another Watercolor in Painter 2023

I am continuing to explore watercolor and rice paper in Painter 2023. I guess we can shorten the name to Painter 2023, since Corel no longer owns the product. Painter is owned by Alludo currently. Whatever…doesn’t affect us directly. Anyway, the watercolor. I struggled with this one, for some reason. I never print so I usually paint a a low resolution of 100 ppi. But I am thinking the images will look much better at a higer resolution. I’ll let you know when I do a few more paintings at a higher resolution.

Enjoy this one, called Mistletoe.

See you in the next post…


28 responses to “Another Watercolor in Painter 2023

  1. Skip, I really like your painting, done with Painter 2023.
    You wrote: “Corel no longer owns the product. Painter is owned by Alludo currently.”
    I found out that it’s not actually that “Corel” no longer owns the product. Corel Corporation, in Sept. 2022, rebranded its corporate name from Corel to Alludo. So, the same company still owns Painter, but the company name has changed. And you’re right; Alludo refers to the product simply as “Painter” (e.g., Painter 2023).

  2. Good morning! Skip, I don’t see Mistletoe as the “star” in a painting very often, but as usual your work is unique. I like it! You are correct, I think, about the higher pixel count for printing. I look forward to seeing your next creation!

    • Thanks for the comment, Marilyn. Higher resolution is definitely the way to go for printing. But I don’t print. What I am thinking is the image looks nicer at a higher resolution on screen.
      When I was finishing the painting, I kept looking at the bare trees. I kept thinking they needed something, and Mistletoe seemed appropriate. I guess it is odd, but I find myself looking for Mistletoe as I drive or spend time outside. I have always been fascinated with parasitic plants.

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