Free Corel Painter 12 Brushes – Drips and Runs

Hello Everyone,

I know I promised to do another video on cloning and I will, but I realized that I need to make the brushes that I am using available to everyone.  I am making the Papers available, too.

Please note: the brushes and the papers will only work in Painter 12.

Some of the variants will work with earlier versions, but not in this set.  I will need to separate them from the Real Watercolor variants.  I will see what I can do.

To load the papers, open the paper library panel and hit the options button.  Select import paper library and navigate to where you downloaded the file.

Here is a video giving you a little information about these variants.

Download the variants and papers here:

Drips and Runs, Paper Drips

Hope you enjoy these variants and papers.