Corel Painter 12.2 Real Wet Oils and Flow Maps Webniar Recording Available

Hello Everyone,

I enjoyed the webinars and hope that you did too.  I finished preparing the recording of the first one, the one done at noon Eastern time, and I provided a link below.  A link to download the video is on the Webinar Download Page.

The video is in HD, but after you start the video, look in the icons in the bottom of the video screen and select the one that is for quality.  Then select 720 HD.

I hope you enjoy the show,


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  1. Skip, Thanks for all your effort in producing these videos. they have been a great help to me and I’m sure others.

  2. Thanks so much Skip. Downloading the video now so my partner and I can watch it later… we have both really been looking forward to. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Stephen,
      I hope folks will take those techniques and tweak them so they will work with their workflow. There are so many things you can do in Painter…I bet there are lots of undiscovered techniques lurking out there. 🙂

  3. Skip, I am trying to create a flow map similar to yours and not having any luck. I printed the flow map instructions. When I use the rectangular tool around the area to capture, and choose create flow map from the fly out menu, nothing happens. I do not get a “name” option. Maybe I’m using the wrong brush to create it. I used a clumpy ink pen brush. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I want my paint to flow down like yours! 🙂

    Thanks, Skip!

    • Hi Betty,

      I suspect that you are working on a layer. You need to be on the canvas layer to capture the flow map. If you are on the canvas layer, the selection tool should work, but I may need to try it too.

      • Thanks, Skip, but I was on the canvas layer. I FINALLY got a flow map made. Apparently it had to do with the pen I was using. I started trying other brushes and was able to create one. Ended up using the oil bristle brush.

        Slow progress, but progress!!

        Thank you so much!

        • Hi Betty,

          I don’t mean to contradict you, but I need to make sure the posts are accurate.
          If you were using Liquid Ink > Clumpy pen you could not possibly be on the canvas layer. Liquid ink variants automatically make a new layer called a liquid ink layer. So, you were on the canvas, but the minute you used the brush a new layer was created. To be able to make a flow map, you need to go to Layer > Drop and drop the liquid ink layer to the canvas. Now add your selection and make your flow map.
          Please try again and notice what happens in your layer panel. When you get the liquid ink layer, then drop it to the canvas and proceed as usual. I’m sure you will find the Liquid Ink > Clumpy Pen works fine for making flow maps.

          • Ah, Skip! When I was trying with the pen and not getting anywhere, I was not paying any attention to what layer I was on. I just kept deleting the file and starting again with a new file. By the time I started trying other brushes, and seeing that they were going to make a flow map, I got your suggestion I was not on the canvas layer and at that time I was, but I had stopped trying the clumpy pen at that point.. I will go back and try that clumpy pen again (I was liking the strokes it was making) and follow your suggestion above. I’m sure you are right! makes perfect sense. I figured all along it was something I was doing wrong! Thank you!!


          • Just tried the pen again and watched the layers. Up popped the 2nd layer and I dropped it and, another flow map was created!!

            Absolutely right! Thanks, Skip!

            • Thank you so much Betty. My first explanation was not very good and I didn’t explain about dropping the layers and the liquid ink layer detailed enough. I’m so glad we are on the same page now. Thank you so much for adding the comments to tell us what had happened.

              Thanks bunches, Skip

  4. Skip, I am still working through the first video and this morning I am having trouble making the pattern with the gessoed canvas paper. I have written down the steps on the video, and worked them through a number of times, but when I use the WYSIWYG brush to paint the new pattern (after clicking define pattern in the pattern control panel) I do not get a seamless rendering. I can see the shape of the brush and where it overlaps strokes, the pattern is distorted somewhat. If I lift the brush or vari pressure, I get white mixed in. I apologize for being such a pest, but would you have any suggestions as to what I’ve muddled up this time?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Betty,

      No problem, but do look at what I ask in the last two paragraphs. It is really important that you provide more detailed information with your questions.

      First try resetting the brush back to default. Activate the brush and go to the brush property bar. On the far left is a brush icon which resets the brush to the default. Click that and see if it helps. Remember the define pattern is a toggle; I am not sure if this action will turn it off or not.

      If that didn’t fix it, please post your notes on the steps that you took. I need to check your steps to make sure you are not missing something. I would also like to know your settings of your gessoed canvas paper.

      Notice that I am always asking for more information. It would be helpful if you try to provide all the information with the first question. Try to think like I have to think. Basically you said your brush isn’t working but I followed the video from my notes. That doesn’t really tell me anything…you need to tell me exactly what you did…written out…so I have more information. Screen shots are very helpful, but you can’t post them to a comment as far as I know. Anyway, you want to help me help you. Another thing that can be useful is the type of computer you are using and the operating system. You want to provide that with every thread with the first comment…I will not remember these sorts of details.

      Hopefully resetting the brush will do the trick. Let me know if it doesn’t.


      • Thanks for the suggestion, Skip, but resetting the WYSIWYG brush did not help. I have a screen shot, but I can’t attach it here. First thing I opened a new file at 1000 x 1000 pixels at 100 DPI. I chose the WYSIWYG brush, paper was set on Gessoed canvas, with the pattern inverted, as you indicated earlier. On pattern panel I chose the fly out menu and clicked define pattern, and then proceeded to paint, resulting in the canvas painted being distorted where strokes overlapped and varying color coming through with the brush (light to dark and some white mixed in). My computer is one I had built several years ago. The OS is Windows XP pro3.
        Many thanks,

        • Hi Betty,
          Thanks for sending me the screen shot; it allowed me to see the problem right away. In your post you said that you had the pattern inverted as I indicated, but you don’t. There are two icons available in the Paper Control Panel. The first one is direction toggle and the second one is invert toggle. You have selected the direction toggle. I can reproduce the variable strokes that you get when I have my direction toggle selected.

          If you select the second icon…the one that says invert toggle and not the direction toggle all should be OK.

          Let me know if this solves the problem.


          • You are the MAN, Skip!!! Toggle has been wreasled into submission and I now have a perfect new pattern from the g. canvas paper!! I will start my inching forward through your wonderful video again! Many thanks!


  5. dear skip, thank you for sending me the info on the 12.2 upgrade, but i had painter 11 then upgraded to p 12 downloaded all the patches in the right order, but i could never get the welcome screen to come up, anyway when i use painter real water brushes gel brushes and wet oils are all empty,so at this moment i am using painter 12 but i am lost to know why i cannot even upgrade to 12.2 it comes up that snow leapard osx needs upgrading ,but apple screen tells me i am up to date, i was asking corel but i am getting noware any idea,s many thanks david

    • Hi David,
      I would like to help, but I don’t understand what you have done so far. If you can write up what you did step by step, it would help.

      This is what I know at this point.
      1. You bought the upgrade to Painter 12.
      2. You downloaded all the patches in the right order. (Downloading in the right order doesn’t matter…installing in the right order does)
      3. You could never get the welcome window to open. (Skip says…not sure why this is necessary)
      4. the new categories are empty.

      First…I need you to go to Painter Help > About Corel Painter. When the dialog box come up…in the middle you will see a version number. This number should be If it is not, then you have not updated the program.

      Second, write in detail in numerical order, like I did above, exactly what you did. The first time you opened Painter after installing, did you start the program with a Shift Start as recommended by Corel?

      Answer these questions and I’ll try to help,

  6. thank you for replying skip

    1 painter 11
    2 upgraded from corel disc to painter 12

    3 downloaded patch painter 12 service pack for mac
    4 downloaded patch painter 12 D.1
    5 downloaded patch painter 12.1 HOT FIX 1-

    6 as the patches were downloaded i would load them into painter one patch at a time, i would then start by shift to reset all work spaces, so no 3 service pack for mac shift start then no 4 painter 12 D.1 restart shift reset workspaces then no 5 painter 12.1 HOTFIX 1- restart shift . this then gives me

    PAINTER so before i even start to upgrade to 12.2 i have not got real wet brushes nor gel etc ,

    footnote i have also loaded all 3 patches in at the same time restarted by shift and i get the same result. empty libraries thank s david

    • Hi David,

      It appears that you have done all that you should do, but I am wondering about one comment that you made. You said that you got the same result…empty libraries. Did you mean empty categories? The real wet oils, real watercolor, and gel brushes would be located in the default library with the other default brushes. When you click on your brush selector and the brush library panel opens, do you see Real Watercolors category, Real Wet Oils category, and gel category. Are the three of them empty?

      If the answer is yes, then I am stumped. If you like I can send you a link for a go to meeting and I can take a look at your files and see what is up.

      Let me know if you want to have a go to meeting and when you might be available.


  7. this is my mac spec

    Hardware Overview:

    Model Name: iMac
    Model Identifier: iMac9,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 6 MB
    Memory: 8 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
    Boot ROM Version: IM91.008D.B08
    SMC Version (system): 1.45f0
    Serial Number (system): YM92655P0TG
    Hardware UUID: 4F18343C-4CCA-575C-9780-DADE8C6DEA41

    • Thank you skip

      I have read your info on the extra brushes in painter 12′ I have done every thing you said and all this is working, So I can go into painter 11 brushes painter 12 and the extra if I want them, But as soon as I want to use real wet brushes or gel and some others it comes up on screen that these library’s are empty. I don’t know what you mean by a meeting as I am in the uk. Thanks David.

      • The answer is I can see the wet oils and gel brushes in the catories but it’s then it tells me the library’s are empty. David

        • Hi David,

          A Go to Meeting is a product that allows me to have live sessions on the computer. You can view my screen or I can view yours. I send you a link for a certain time, and you click on the link at the time the meeting is supposed to start. We are then connected and I will be able to look at your screen. Usually, the problem is something simple that I can see looking at your computer. It is especially useful when I cannot visualize what someone is telling me. That is my problem with what you told me so far. None of it makes sense. You say you are able to see the variants in the category and you follow that with it then tells me the libraries’ are empty. What library are you talking about. Is it Painter Library or some other library. Please try to be specific. Have you created some libraries that the program is telling you are empty? If so, you need to tell me how you created the library. Telling me you followed my directions doesn’t help. You need to write out what you did, because it is likely you have missed some little thing and that is what we need to find. I may be able to find it if I can look at your file structure through G2M. Or I might be able to find the problem if you answer my questions about libraries.

          I can help, but I need you to help me help you. Skip

  8. ok skip i have just opened painter 12

    when i am ready i click on the brush selector and the librarys
    brush panel opens, i look down and see the colored pictures of all the brushes i pick the brush i want and the list comes up on the right side great. down the picture side i can see gel real oils but if i click on these it comes up on screen that Corel (12) painter (TM) 12 an empty library cannot be selected
    i hope this is clear if not we will have to go to meeting
    many thanks david

    • Hi David,

      I understand what you are telling me, but I am having trouble accepting it. I can’t imagine why all categories are available, except the three new ones. At any point, did you try to move the gel, real wet oils, and real watercolor categories into a different library?

      If I understand it correctly, you have not installed 12.2 yet. I would go ahead and install 12.2 and see if it installs correctly and if the categories will work.

      Or…we can have a Go To Meeting. It is about 1 PM your time, I believe. Can you meet today? I will be unavailable from 3 to 5 PM your time, but I am open any other time. Let me know what time would be best for you.


  9. first of all thank you so much for the meeting, i was very impressed, and will you let me know if i owe you any money for your time and expense . well it turned out i was only on leopard not snow leopard, i upgraded and waller all works fine all the brushes and welcome screen all work perfect, so if you want to borrow some nice real water colour brushes let me know ?????? many many thanks again

    • Hi David,

      I enjoyed our Go To Meeting…it is always fun to meet new people. I’m glad you decided to upgrade to the newer OS; I was pretty sure that is what you needed. I love it when problems get solved. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you come back often.


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