New Wacom Drivers Released for Windows and OS X Yesterday

Hey Gang,

New drivers are available at Wacom Support.  I have just installed them, but it is too early to tell what it changed.  In my case, I have been having a strange issue with my Cursor disappearing with the 24″ HD Touch Cintiq.  Wacom support told me that this driver should fix the issue.  I certainly hope so; it has been annoying to say the least…but even so, I still love the Cintiq.

Since I have been in touch with Wacom support, I have had many emails describing how to install a new driver.  The recommendation is to uninstall the present driver and install the new one.  However, do not forget to open you Wacom Tablet Utilities and back up your current settings, so you will be able to restore them when your new driver is installed.  Otherwise you will lose all of your settings.

OK…here are the directions for installing a new driver for a PC sent to me by Wacom Support.  I’m pretty sure you would do the same thing for a Mac, but I don’t know where or how you delete the driver…sorry gang…I don’t have a Mac:

For our products, only one driver can be installed at a time, so I will include driver directions to follow for a clean install, and use Internet Explorer or Firefox, not Google Chrome, as a web browser:

Disconnect the tablet from the computer

Open your Start Menu and then the Control Panel

Open Programs and Features

Uninstall any listing here for Tablet or Wacom Tablet and then restart the computer

After restarting, temporarily disable any antivirus software, download and install only the latest driver from:

Once the installation is complete, and the system is stable, connect the tablet

As always, make sure your tablet is connected directly to your computer.
Avoid using USB hubs, keyboard/monitor ports, or docking stations with the tablets during the installation phase, as they can cause inconsistent behavior.

OK, that is what I was told and that is the way I uninstall an old driver and install a new one.




If anyone has the directions for a Mac, please post them in the comments for others.


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    • Hey Kathleen,
      Hope all is well with you. I have been thinking of you lately.
      OK, I have searched and I cannot find a way to delete someone from the email list…or add someone either. I will check with WordPress tomorrow and see what I find out and let you know if I was able to do it. It seems crazy that I can’t, right?
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  2. Thanks for the heads up. Wonder why Wacom doesn’t send notices. Use Mac just downloaded and installed no problem, no complications.
    Have you heard if Painter 2015 is compatible with OS X? People are posting about problems.


    • Hey John, Wacom did post on Google + about the Wacom Driver Update. It was the first time I have seen them post…I hope they keep doing it. I was expecting my Wacom Desktop Center to notify me of an update, but it didn’t. But…all is good…I have the new driver.
      I don’t know of any compatibility issues with OS X, but that doesn’t mean there are not any. I just haven’t heard of any or if I did, I don’t remember it. One of these days I am going to buy a Mac so I can keep up with the issues.

  3. Yup forgot the USB hub and then the whole kit and caboodle came a-crashing down – taken an age to get it to recover – no mouse no keyboard – nothing for input!

    • Hey Terry,
      I have a hub and do have some hardware attached to it, but most hardware wards against Hubs. I wish they could fix that issue. I never have enough USB ports…sigh. I haven’t lost total input, but my cursor keeps disappearing…very strange. I am changing my Mouse Pointer Scheme to see if that may have an impact. Wacom thought that maybe the one I am using could be corrupted.

  4. Hi Skip: Re Mac driver update. This time around, I updated through the Wacom Desktop Center. It went smoothly, and it kept my preferences automatically. But, I would first backup my preferences first in case. Thanks again for all you thoughtful help.

    • Hey Eden,
      I have heard that others have had success with the Desktop Center. It seems that would be the way to go, but Wacom never mentions it. If it is supposed to work, it would seem they would tell us. My Desktop Center never notifies me of an update either…so I have never trusted it to install the driver. But, I’m glad to hear it worked for you. I may give it a try just to see what happens. Thanks for the note, Skip

  5. Hi Skip,
    I have Mac OS X and was successful in updating the driver. I went into the Wacom folder on my HD and then used the wacom tablet utility to first back up my preferences. Then I had to go into the System Preferences -> Security and Privacy – > General and change the selection to the last one: Anywhere. This was the major glitch I ran into, since my machine would not run the new driver I had just downloaded from Wacom. I called their tech support folks who answered after only about a minute of wait time and I am in business. Yes, disconnect the tablet like you said, reboot, and then reconnect. I had to go back to change the Security and Privacy settings back to what it was originally: Mac App store and identified developers. Like you said , it takes longer to write the instructions. Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Cindy,
      I’m glad you are in business and all is working. Thank goodness Wacom Support was helpful. Thanks for letting us know what you had to do. I know the Mac readers will be appreciative.

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