Corel Painter 2015 Brush Class by Jason Maranto Started Saturday.

Hello Everyone,

Jason Maranto is now teaching at the Digital Art Academy.  His first class is Painter 2015 Brush Engine Essentials, which Jason follows with Painter 2015 Brush Engine Extended.  Trust me on this…you do not want to miss his classes.  I think Jason is one of the best teachers around and the way he explains how to make brushes in Painter is extraordinary and very easy to understand.  He has a simple no-nonsense approach to brushes.  This is what he says about his class:

Mark-making is at the heart of what it means to draw and paint. Corel Painter is a an incredibly powerful mark-making tool. However, due to the huge range of mark-making potential Painter offers, the brush engine can seem intimidating and arcane to even very experienced Painter users.

This “Essentials” course is designed to teach the most essential parts of the Painter 2015 brush engine. The information is structured to help the student quickly and efficiently maximize their brush creation and customization skills with the most common types of dabs, media and controls.

Each week (starting October 12th), that weeks group of videos will be posted. Please watch the videos, and if you have any questions about what was taught that week, ask in the designated forum.

Registration is still open for Jason’s class.  You can register during the first week; registration closes Saturday Oct 18th.

Jason recommends watching his Corel Painter 2015 Video Manual on his You Tube Channel.  I highly recommend this series of videos, too, and suggest that everyone subscribe to Jason’s You Tube Channel.  You will be glad that you did.

Again, this is the best brush class around.  Don’t miss it.

Here is an example of Jason’s Spring Flame Glow Brush.

Jason Maranto's Spring Flame Glow Brush

Jason Maranto’s Spring Flame Glow Brush

And here are some marks made with his Flow Flare Brush.

Jason Maranto's Flow Flare Brush

Jason Maranto’s Flow Flare Brush




7 responses to “Corel Painter 2015 Brush Class by Jason Maranto Started Saturday.

  1. Thank you, Skip for posting this information! I’ve already been enjoying Jason’s first week video’s on Digital Art Academy. Everything you’ve written about Jason, I’ve found to be true – am also thrilled about Jason’s YouTube Manual (already watched them all!!) In having a clearer understanding of how Painter is structured and functions, I am hopeful that I can become more productive and work with ‘intention’!! I’m am so thankful for the Painter 2015 community of instructors, such as yourself, and Digital Art Academy – otherwise, I would certainly be lost!!! Again, thank you for all you do to support the Painter Community!!
    Utmost regards,

    • Hi Marie,
      Thanks for taking time to comment. I know others will appreciate seeing your comment about Jason and his class. It really is a fabulous class.
      And a special thanks from me for your nice comments about the community of Painter instructors. I can’t speak for others, but I am sure they feel the same as I when I say I truly love sharing about Painter. But you know, we are just bumps on a log without the students. All of us, instructors and students, are a team discovering digital art and Corel Painter 2015. OK, reading what I just wrote again and it sounds a bit cheesy. 🙂 But heck, it’s true.
      Thanks again for your comments,

  2. Hi Skip
    This message has more to do with Painter and am asking for some suggestions from you. I have Painter 12 on my Mac Book Pro version 10.9.5 That was a big mistake was my mistake but somewhere along the line I thought you sent an all clear to go ahead and update. That’s neither her no there. The problem is that I did upgrade then I thought I checked Painter 12 out and it was okay. Whether I did or not I took my Mac Power book to another room where my smaller Epson printers are located. I must admit that I ran only Photoshop CS5 to print from. Anyway I am doing a live painting at an event this Friday. Got my external monitor ready, my Mac Book Pro and thought that I had better check out Painter 12. Whamo, the error message stated that Corel Painter had encountered a problem , please re-install from the original source. My original source was on my older Mac Book Pro that was left in Iraq by my son ( the sand killed it ). So I panicked but knew I could download a full trial version of 2015 so I did and reinstalled all of my custom brushes. Phew. The next day I wanted to start with a new painting and opened Painter 2015. All of my custom brushes were gone as well as the brushes I selected to save for my live painting. Well I can’t keep doing this with a temperamental child again ( Trial Version of 2015). So I got on Corel’s website to discover that with older versions , or new versions not registered yet, I had to fork over $20.00 for technical help. So I called the number shown on the 2015 Site and ended up explaining to this fellow who spoke broken English and did not, ( I know now ) fully understand English. I agreed to purchase Painter 2015 on a 30 day trial. We went through what I needed for the third or fourth time. He stated that he would send me a link of some sort so I could run 2015 Fully. I received several emails from Corel which was sweet. On one email it even stated to use the serial number “below” for the new Painter 2015. Guess what there was no serial number ” below” so I called for sales help. They looked up the order to find that the serial number would be on the DVD / Box that was due to ship. I get into a verbal volley with the sales person who could only apologize, but that I would have to wait until I received the box to get everything squared away. The box is due to arrive Friday. FED X always delivers in the afternoon so I won’t actually get this until Friday afternoon. I have an audience expecting me to start about 8:00 AM Friday. So now I’m really in terrible shape. Nothing to show. But wait, I see a ticket for support for an extra year for 2015 . I get a ticket going and their second email provided how to get Painter 12 reinstalled. So I follow their suggestions and download painter 12. I was relieved. Now I can run it and launch Painted 12 and guess what the same message comes up. Corel Painter 12 has encountered a problem…. Please install from the original source ( see above as well ). So I copy the message and send it it Corel at 8 AM this morning. It is now 2:40 here East Coast time. I have not heard back even though I sent a reminder. I saw your email from last week and I just know that you can either solve this for me or move the sense of urgency up the ladder at Corel. I am also going to copy this message and save it for a facebook posting in Corel Painter , their user groups , their competition et al., to all of their Master Painters and make a mess for them , as much as they have made for me. Im going to make social media fun. I will even post this to my blog site where I can be more to the point. They have until the end of the business day today and If you have any, any suggestions . You can even call me at 517 672 2198

    • Hey Donald,

      I’m so sorry that you are having trouble with Painter 2015. I can understand the trouble with Painter 12 because it was not updated to work with Maverick…only Painter X3 got the update. I just reviewed my posts an each did refer to Painter X3, not Painter 12. I only gave the go ahead to update with Painter X3; I’m very sorry there was some confusion there.

      Please understand that I do not work for Corel and cannot offer any help in trying to move your request up the line…wish I could…would love to have that ability, but I don’t. That being said, I may be able to help with getting the trial version to work. More often than not, I have found that folks have installed their brushes and cannot find them because they are looking in the wrong place…or they installed them incorrectly. A new installation method occurred with Painter 12.1 and a lot of folks updating to 2015 from 12 have tried to use the old method of installation, which can work but is tricky. If you used the new method, installing with files that end in extensions .brushcategory or .brushlibrary, then the brushcategory files will go into the currently opened library and the brushlibrary files create a new library and will switch to that library. When that happens, it can appear that some of the brushes you installed are not loaded when they actually are in another place in Painter. You probably installed everything correctly, so that means there is some other glitch that is happening. I would love to take a look at your system and see if I can find them. So, I will give you a call and maybe we can have a quick go to meeting to see if I can help sort it out.

      Talk soon,

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