Corel Painter 2015 Brush Class by Jason Maranto Started Saturday.

Hello Everyone,

Jason Maranto is now teaching at the Digital Art Academy.  His first class is Painter 2015 Brush Engine Essentials, which Jason follows with Painter 2015 Brush Engine Extended.  Trust me on this…you do not want to miss his classes.  I think Jason is one of the best teachers around and the way he explains how to make brushes in Painter is extraordinary and very easy to understand.  He has a simple no-nonsense approach to brushes.  This is what he says about his class:

Mark-making is at the heart of what it means to draw and paint. Corel Painter is a an incredibly powerful mark-making tool. However, due to the huge range of mark-making potential Painter offers, the brush engine can seem intimidating and arcane to even very experienced Painter users.

This “Essentials” course is designed to teach the most essential parts of the Painter 2015 brush engine. The information is structured to help the student quickly and efficiently maximize their brush creation and customization skills with the most common types of dabs, media and controls.

Each week (starting October 12th), that weeks group of videos will be posted. Please watch the videos, and if you have any questions about what was taught that week, ask in the designated forum.

Registration is still open for Jason’s class.  You can register during the first week; registration closes Saturday Oct 18th.

Jason recommends watching his Corel Painter 2015 Video Manual on his You Tube Channel.  I highly recommend this series of videos, too, and suggest that everyone subscribe to Jason’s You Tube Channel.  You will be glad that you did.

Again, this is the best brush class around.  Don’t miss it.

Here is an example of Jason’s Spring Flame Glow Brush.

Jason Maranto's Spring Flame Glow Brush

Jason Maranto’s Spring Flame Glow Brush

And here are some marks made with his Flow Flare Brush.

Jason Maranto's Flow Flare Brush

Jason Maranto’s Flow Flare Brush