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I have just finished a set of Corel Painter brushes called Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint Category. When Thick Paint was introduced two years ago, I loved it and still do. I like anything painted thickly. Naturally I used them thickly. After all, they were called thick paint. I also noticed that they didn’t seem as popular as I thought they should be.  It appeared folks didn’t like to paint thickly.

The more I used thick paint the more I felt like it emulated oil paint better than any other category in Painter. But my mindset was that thick paint needed to be used thickly. It didn’t occur to me to use them thinly and more like traditional oils that are not painted with a palette knife or gobs of paint on a brush.

I think the turning point came when I was looking at a Sargent painting at Google Arts and Culture.  You can zoom in and look at the various brushstrokes.  I didn’t think the marks looked at all like our current Sargent Brush.  The strokes were bold and simple.  I have always heard that Sargent was the king of Bravura strokes.  I kept thinking that his brushstrokes looked like thick paint…thinner of course.

I created a few “thick paint” brushes that painted thinly. And in no time at all, I developed Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint category for Corel Painter 2020. You can download them for free at the end of this post.  But first, I want to post 7 videos that talk about the brushes.  I am not going to post images at first…I want to see what you do with them.  Please download the variants and paint away.  Post your work on FB or at the Digital Art Community…or anywhere I might see it. I am curious how these variants will be received.  As I said, I love them, but I can’t speak for you.

You can download the brushes here.  Please remember, these variants were made in Painter 2020 and are only compatible in Painter 2020.  And if you like the brushes, please consider donating to the blog.  I really appreciate it.

Click the red type below to download the brushes.

Skip’s Ultimate Thick Paint brush category.



23 responses to “Free Corel Painter Brushes

  1. Hi Skip,

    Sorry to hear that only P2020 can use these brushes! Still have P2019 and would love to use them!

    Been taking most of your classes! Thanks



    • Hi Skip,

      Just wanted to let you know that I’m still using the painter 2019 and all of these brushes work just fine with it 🙂 even though they were made in the painter 2020. You get a warning of sorts but they work beautifully just the same. Thank you so very much, as they are beautiful of course.

      • Hi Donna,
        I am making them compatible with 2018 and 2019. I cannot recommend using them as is with Painter 2020. It may be fine for now, but I recommend waiting for the compatible versions. Enjoy, skip

  2. Hi Skip! I just tried out all the brushes, they’re fantastic, especially the knives! Thanks for giving us so many brushes. Now I have to watch the videos, which I’ll start tomorrow. I love how thick the brushes are and how they blend colors together. They are amazing!

      • Thanks, Skip. How do I turn any brush into a blender so that the characteristics of the brush remain the same, but without applying color? What setting reduces the thickness of the paint in the stroke?

        • Hi Andre, Sorry for the delay. Your question is a bit complex. If you are talking about a thick paint brush, you would need to go to thick paint media and reduce the paint load to zero. Other brushes you want to reduce the resat to zero. Have you looked at the videos I provided? I think I talk about making the brushes thicker in the videos. It isn’t something I can answer with a few sentences. Please review the videos and if you do not find your answer, then ask the question again and be very specific…even give me a specific brush to use.

          • Maybe it’s just not available for these thick paint brushes, at least I haven’t found how to do it. When you need to make some sort of smooth transition, it is very difficult to achieve this. Reducing paint load and tweaking resaturation seems doesn’t make a pure blender.

  3. Could you please tell me how to change the angle and shape of the brush (to make it round). For example, for blenders the angle of inclination can be changed in the Angle palette, but for bristle brushes this setting is inactive.

    • Andre, go up to the property bar and run your cusor over the icons until you see on that says, Bristles. Click on Bristles. In the drop down window, at the bottom click on RealBristle Panel. Under Brush, the first slider makes the brush circular or flat. Next the expression is probably set to rotation, try changing that to Tilt. It may work for you tablet that way. Good luck.

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